Week Commencing 6th February

This week the Weekly Shamanic Guidance is CREATIVITY:

Creativity is the pure expression of our personality and the unique blueprint of who we are. When we are in our creativity, we are at our most connected, because we are participating in life, in creation itself. We have purpose and meaning, and most importantly we are in harmony and flow with our unique self.

If it makes you feel alive it doesn’t matter how important or mundane your creativity is. When we are in our creativity we are no longer separated from life, and the more creative we become, the more we strengthen our intuitive, solutions-based, imaginative mind.

Any action becomes a meditation when our creativity flows through the imagination with no blockages, no resistance, no outcome, without needing to prove ourselves, or for recognition. When pure creativity flows through us, we can get out of our own way, and become one with existence, so existence can create through us. We can feel this connection with the life force energy when we are doing anything creatively, such as, writing, singing, poetry, dance, art, cooking, design, filing, childcare, gardening or even data-processing.

The Leo full moon eclipse, on Saturday 11th February, will also be inspiring us to come out of the shadows and shine bright. This is a great week to get your creative juices flowing and let your creativity possess you, and flow through you.

This week the best way to access your creativity is take a break from those friends who are bringing you down, and unplug from all media and and any other distractions. Use the time to plug into the creative matrix, and ignite your creativity so you can make best use of this opportunity, and feel connected, alive and in love with life.


Use this Ritual to help inspire you:

Find some space and time, as it is essential you do this ritual in peace and quiet. Create a warm, nurturing space where you feel calm, peaceful and harmonious. Breathe in deeply using your diaphragm and breathe out all stress and negativity so that your mind becomes clear and focused on the present. Repeat this three times.

 Spend some time becoming the observer and allowing your thoughts to just flow past you without giving them any importance. When you feel in a deeply calm and peaceful place, and the torrent of thoughts have become more of a trickle, ask yourself these questions:

*What right action best helps me connect with existence/life/god/universe?

*How can I best express my creativity?

*What is my unique gift to the world?

*What is my unique creation?

*How am I creating a better world?


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