Week Commencing 20th February

This week the Weekly Shamanic Guidance is GOING WITH THE FLOW:

With the Pisces new moon eclipse on Sunday 26th February, the Shamanic guidance for this week is Going with the Flow!

This watery, emotional moon can bring to the surface all our hidden fears and limitations about who we are, how we are living our lives, and if we are where we want to be?

Now, more than ever, we have become more impatient and demanding, desiring instantaneous results and immediate gratification. All living things instinctually abide by nature’s rhythm and flow, except humans, who have ‘free will.’ This free will gives us a conscious understanding of our actions, and therefore, more control over our environment.

However, everything has a right time to flourish. An apple tree doesn’t cry in December because it can’t produce fruit. It automatically trusts nature and waits patiently for the right season. Since we have become more domesticated and separated from the land, we have lost our connection to the Earth’s natural flow, and it’s rhythms and cycles.

Our ancestors understood this relationship with nature, and celebrated the eight cycles of the year. Each festival honoured the agricultural season, because they understood that in order to survive they had to symbiotically live within Life’s natural flows.

By resisting it, the harder life becomes. When we want things to happen this way or that way, in a certain timeframe, or with certain people, we are always subject to disappointment and regret. Often things do not work out the way we want or expect them too, creating stress, anxiety and tension. It is not life that is against us, it is us fighting life. Things become more of a struggle, so we can’t relax and enjoy the journey.

When we start Going with the Flow, life automatically becomes easier, as we surrender to it’s ebbs and flows, the highs and lows, the currents, and the waves. Set your intentions/destinations, like a captain of a ship, and then go with the flow and let life lead you to where you want to go.

This week, ACCEPT everything that is happening without judgement, angst or stress. Trust that life has your back, and everything is in perfect alignment, even if you cannot see it. Every time you feel yourself going into a panic, stress or worry, bring yourself back to the present moment, breathe in deeply, and enjoy the moment as it is, and not as you would want it to be.

When we become vulnerable, trusting life fully, and going with the flow, we start seeing the magic, the synchronicities and the connectedness. Life is a miracle, full of potential, surprise and possibilities.


Going with the Flow Exercise

Sit down cross-legged on a pillow. Close your eyes and bring your awareness back into your body. Breathe in love and compassion for yourself, and breathe out any stress and anxiety until you feel relaxed and peaceful.

How are you feeling? I mean really feeling? Be honest with yourself, and  take off any mask you may be wearing. Don’t get too caught up in the anal-ysing,   ‘must’-erbating and ‘should’-ing. You don’t need a reason, you just need to be real.

Allow any emotions to come to the surface without repressing anything. Cry if you need to, laugh if you need to, just allow yourself to be in the moment exactly as it is. The key is not to deny yourself any sensation. Be fully yourself.

Once the emotions have come to the surface, and released, find that deep sense of peace and harmony again. Go out in nature. Hug a tree, walk barefoot and ground yourself into the earth, let the sunlight feed your skin, swim outside, go for a long walk, count all your blessings. This week choose to see your cup as half full… 😉

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