Virgo New Moon Ritual

This Virgo New Moon Ritual is for those who are needing to prioritise their time and tasks over the next few weeks!


Find some time in your busy day to be quiet and peaceful. Make sure all your tasks have been completed, as this is sacred space for you. Create an ambient relaxing environment. Light a candle, some incense, and sit comfortably, feeling yourself grounded on Mother Earth. Breathe deeply three times and, as you exhale, breath out any stress and tension you may be holding in your body.


Now close your eyes and focus on your breath. Slowly become aware of the sounds around you. Bring yourself gently back to the present if you feel your mind wandering. Everything can wait – this is time for you. Once your mind is calm begin to mentally list all the things that need to be done. Just allow them to flow out without getting attached or stressed about how or when you will do them. This exercise is about bringing things to the surface where they can be more easily dealt with.


When you feel the process is complete, gently return your consciousness to the present, open your eyes, and write down the things that arose, however small or mundane. The importance, and amount of tasks doesn’t matter, because the most seemingly unimportant tasks, like making a phone call, can make a big difference.


Once you have a list, begin to prioritise each task, not only rationally, but also becoming aware of its value to your sense of self. Be realistic by setting achievable outcomes and as you concentrate on each item, imagine and feel each task completed. Don’t allow the negative critic, stresses or worries about how or when you are going to do them interfere with the creative flow. Experience and enjoy the feeling of their completion and trust that you will effortlessly find the space and time to do what needs to be done.


When you have finished put the list in an accessible place, stop worrying about the hows, whats, wheres and when’s. Leave the details for life to sort out. All we have to do is follow our intuition, and surrender to the flow. When we can get out of our own way and let life guide us we find we can complete each task effortlessly and smoothly.


Virgo’s discipline and perseverance can help us follow through our commitment to focus on our health and well-being, even if it’s only till the next new moon. This new moon is the best one to let go of a habit or addiction that is no longer serving you. Alternatively, taking up a new hobby, exercise or diet will help you feel more disciplined and connected to your body.


This is the moon for self care and self love so make an effort to nurture, honour and respect your needs and desires by doing something special, caring and loving for you!

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