If you are thinking about attending a retreat or ceremony with me or maybe having a private shamanic session here are some testimonials from people who I’ve worked with…..


A selection of video testimonials from my retreat in Peru, May 2016.


Carmen Saccone

Sally Saunders

Dipak Thakor


Shamanic Bootcamp Retreats, Warwickshire

I attended Rebekah’s shamanic weekend retreat in Warwickshire. It was honestly the best decision I made in 2014. From the moment I arrived until the moment I left, I new I had embarked on a new path in my life. After spending the whole weekend on this magical experience. I found myself opening up to opportunities I always dreamt of, but was too scared to face my dreams. On the conclusion of leaving the retreat I gained the inner strength to produce my first cookbook within 3 months. The retreat weekend, gave me the strength to believe in myself and follow my dreams. And guess what “I made it happen” Thank you Rebekah for a truly inspiring weekend lead by YOU.   Lisa Roukin

I found the shamanic work was magical, each ritual and practice flowed and fitted perfectly with the next so that the whole weekend was a powerful journey. A lot of transformation happened in a short space of time! The group was so well supported by Rebekah – it felt like a safe space to be myself and be present to what was happening. The support from Louise was excellent – everything ran very smoothly. The food was great and plentiful! I really felt well cared for – it was lovely! All in all a fantastic weekend in a beautiful setting – thank you! Rachel Millman

I just wanted to thank you for an AMAZING weekend. I knew I’d have a fabulous time, but I’m almost speechless about how incredible it was. You led us all on a wonderful journey and I can’t thank you enough. I left feeling quite lost as so much had been chipped (or should I say, poured out of me). I know the next step is to most definitely cut ties and I feel very liberated and happy about that. Sarah Brown


Shamanic Retreats

Just to say thank you for last weekend in Guernsey, you were so inspiring & really wonderful to listen to :0) I have felt different since. Nikky Jenkins

I know we all have our stories, but for the first time in 17 years I don’t feel the depression, the suicidal thoughts or anything to do with self harm. This weekend especially Saturday was a big break through in my life and I feel so much better for it. I’m looking forwards rather then backwards. I may not be able to look myself in the mirror yet, but I’m not repulsed by what I see anymore. Helen Degaris


Cacao Ceremonies

I have just spent a wonderful afternoon with Rebekah at a Cacao ceremony and what a wonderful experience it has been. Rebekah is open and personal, her guidance and advise is logical yet empathetic, with no airy fairy talk. I left feeling empowered, centred and more connected with my inner self and world around me, her support during the journey is priceless. Always a magnificent experience and divine timing. Valentina

I have enjoyed the Cacao ceremony immensely. Rebekah is an authentic and lively facilitator and I felt held and loved an her presence. Her instructions and guidance were unbiased and transparent and the passion shone through her in the way she spoke, moved and related to participants. I already recommended her work to some of my friends in London. Agnieszka Agni Grenckowska

We began the ceremony with an open circle of honesty and sharing our ‘stories’ I loved that all the people there were so accepting, but I think the reason for this is because Rebekah is so accepting, she doesn’t sit on a pedestal in judgement of anybody. I do think that you need to experience this for yourself and now I understand why my friends told me so little about what happens at the ceremony – all I will say is that you do feel a sense of calm and peace within you, a renewed gentle energy. For days after I felt calmer and more able to cope with all the chaos around me right now. Thank you Rebekah, I will definitely be booking more Cacao ceremonies with you! Nidhi Joshi


Empowerment Readings and Psychic Surgery Shamanic Sessions

Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday I feel so much lighter, brighter and more connected. I feel positive about stepping into who I truly am and accepting every bit of me light and dark. The universe has both been testing me and helping me prove I have total control. I have been making wise choices even in difficult circumstances, no desire to eat bad stuff and not wanted to be sick either – feeling like I’ve really turned a corner. Got given a cup cake on the way home by a friend wasn’t interested saving it for my partners daughter with a happy heart.
Helen Valentino-Psychic Surgery 
I had a reading and then a healing session with Rebekah and I strongly recommend her! I had a big decision to make in my life and I needed to make some clarity on what was holding me back. We had a healing session where she guided me and helped me find a “safe place” within myself, I felt her powerful shamanic influence all around me and it felt easy for me to go deep inside of me and free myself of negative thoughts. After the session I felt very light and positive and ready to embark on my new adventure! Laura

This latest reading with Rebekah brought up a lot of stuff for me that I already knew, but which increased my sense of clarity and knowingness around where I am now in my life, and where I want to be going. I would highly recommend a reading with Rebekah to anyone who wishes to connect with their inner being and access the wisdom therein. A very uplifting experience!! Thanks again. Helen

My healing session with Rebekah was amazing, what I avoided for years was released in a very powerful but nurturing environment. I felt complete trust in Rebekah and I have never had a session like it. If you have a past that haunts you, let Rebekah help you to release. I’m telling all my friends! Kelly Morgan

I first discovered Rebekah through her Lunascope which I welcome dearly. I have always felt closer to my Moon sign and this confirmed an inner feeling of connection to a greater good. I am always looking forward to receiving it. 

I have also asked Rebekah for two readings at moments of my life when I felt stuck. Her inner wisdom and honest approach did a fantastic job on me. I still go back to the notes I have taken by then and am amazed how much it resonates with me. There are a few words of wisdom that I can still hear and help me focus in times of doubt or reflection. I truly recommend Rebekah for her humanity and wisdom and I would like to sincerely thank her again. Johanna V

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