Spring Equinox – A New Cycle Begins

sunlightToday the sun moves into the sign of Aries marking the Astrological New Year, Spring Equinox and the coming of easter.

The Equinox’s are the sun celebrations, when the sun reaches the balance of light and dark. Here in the Northern Hemisphere the sun is now beginning it’s ascent to the Summer Solstice when we reach the longest day and the shortest night, whereas in the South it is beginning it’s descent into the long dark nights.

Here in the North, this is the time when our dreams and visions that have been marinating in the unconscious during the long winter months begin to manifest.

Things are definitely going to hot up, and speed up, as we head deeper into the year, so its good to find clarity now in order to move into summer with focus and direction.

Follow your internal flow; sleep, eat, play, hibernate, whatever you need to remain balanced and calm. If you over exert yourself now you may find yourself in burnout later in the year….trust your intuition!

When we acknowledge and celebrate these seasonal passages of time we recognise we are a part of nature. Just as a small acorn holds all the potential to become a mighty oak it must first find the faith and courage to break through the darkness of the cold earth and trust that the conditions are favourable when it reaches the light. This is the time to keep on trusting in your dreams and the decisions you have made.

Here are some Spring Equinox Rituals to honour this time.

Take Time Out

To celebrate the Spring Equinox, take some time out for yourself to just be. Give yourself permission to see life as a child, full of adventure, excitement, and fearlessly. Walk bare foot on the earth, take time out to smell the spring flowers, take pleasure in the spring blossom, hug a tree, do something crazy.  Become aware of the natural world awakening around you and enjoy the vitality, fertility and growth of nature.

Spring Clean Your House

This is also a good time to spring clean your house thoroughly, open the windows and let the air circulate.  Smudge all the corners with fresh sage or incense and use a bit of salt in your cleaning water to release the old energy. This dissolves old and stale energy, creating space for new things to happen.while giving thanks for all your material things and everything that makes your home wonderful.

Make a Spring Alter

Pick some wild flowers, find feathers or spring blossoms. Make an alter to bring spring into your home to remember the abundance of nature and of life.

Visit a Powerspot/Leyline

If you can, visit a power spot or leyline, as the ancient energies are flowing with more potency and vitality at this time. Meditating on a power spot can bring clarity and, in certain circumstances, a shift in consciousness.

Plant Seeds

Plant some spring seeds and watch them grow over the course of the next few months. They represent your projects and visions, as they grow, watch your dreams become realised too.

Connect with Friends

Invite some friends round to celebrate the Spring. Dance and share with each other what you want to make happen and what you want to release.  Celebrate this time of New Beginnings and give thanks and gratitude to the magic that is helping your dreams come true.

Adding to the energies the moon is waxing to another full moon Lunar eclipse on weds 23rd March in Libra, which will illuminate where we need more balance and justice in our lives, and for the collective, focusing on a need for peace and harmony rather than war and separation. The eclipses this month are here to disrupt the status quo because when we change our inner world, the outer world changes automatically.

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