If patterns are deeply rooted we need to dive deep into the subconscious to remove the karmic ties, ancestral chains. conditionings, addictions and emotional scars that just won’t seem to dissolve.

Using a combination of card reading and shamanic journeying I take you on a personalised ‘shamanic journey’ to remove it from your mental head space, enabling you to finally let go of it’s emotional hold and make more conscious and healthier choices.

A Shamanic Healing session lasts 2 hrs and is held at my treatment room in Harley Street


Shamanic Healing Sessions

Just wanted to say thank you for yesterday I feel so much lighter, brighter and more connected. I feel positive about stepping into who I truly am and accepting every bit of me light and dark. The universe has both been testing me and helping me prove I have total control. I have been making wise choices even in difficult circumstances, no desire to eat bad stuff and not wanted to be sick either – feeling like I’ve really turned a corner. Got given a cup cake on the way home by a friend wasn’t interested saving it for my partners daughter with a happy heart.
Helen Valentino-Psychic Surgery 

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