I started reading cards over twenty seven years ago and using my experience, wisdom and knowledge working with traditional indigenous Shamans, and my own Western exploration of healing modalities, I have my own unique, powerful transformative offering to assist you on your own path of change and transformation..

Services I offer include:

Empowerment Readings

An Empowerment Reading is a great starting point to find clarity, see if your intentions and goals are in alignment, or understand an issue, challenge or relationship.

Psychic Surgery

If patterns are deeply rooted, we need to dive deep into the subconscious to remove the karmic ties, ancestral chains, and emotional scars that just won’t seem to dissolve. Using ‘psychic surgery’ and shamanic journeying we take out the root of the problem, so that you can move forward effortlessly and empowered.

Shamanic Mentoring

If your old patterns of thinking and being are no longer serving you – it may be time to start living shamanically. My coaching sessions are practical and tailor-made for you so that you can start really living much more in flow and start manifesting the life you truly desire. Choose from a 1 off session, up to 5 sessions so that you really integrate the teachings in daily life.

“I greatly benefitted from Rebekah’s master coaching ability.  In a recent session with Rebekah, I was amazed at her ability to precisely tune into my challenges and guide me through a empowering process that left me feeling at peace, confident and energized.  She helped me identify and transform a extremely limiting thought pattern that was running on autopilot in my subconscious.  One week later,  I continue to reap the benefits.  I have clarity of focus, my creative energies are flowing and I am excited about the opportunities presenting within my business.
Rebekah is a genuine, compassionate, highly skilled professional.  I am grateful for her ability to peel off another layer so I could see and embrace the truth of who I am.”
Kim Clarke. Kaceva, Founder


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