Shamanic Guidance

Shamanic Guidance

Conscious Intention

Mercury is now going forward and things are about to take a leap forward. If you used the period of Mercury Retrograde properly, you will be buzzing with projects and ideas, ready to action them.

The rest of this year is going to go super fast so this is a crucial time to get your intentions and desires clear. Focus the energy where you want it to go, as it is thoughts and feelings that fuel our reality. Our intentions are being manifested at every moment, and if we don’t know who we are and what we want, we are constantly manifesting our unconscious fears and desires.

Conscious vs Unconscious Intention
A conscious intention is one that you create to ensure a determined goal. It can be anything from getting to a destination on time, finishing a project, or losing weight. These are conscious, definite goals and specific outcomes. However, our hidden fears and desires, the unconscious intentions, are also bubbling away deep within us. For example if you fear a lack of money, and every time you open a bill, pay for groceries or buy a present you unconsciously send out the thought and feeling that you don’t have enough, nature naturally responds by creating the reality that you don’t have enough.

If you fear something, like being robbed, and try as hard as possible to avoid the fear, you are unconsciously manifesting it towards you because that is where you are paying attention. By trying to avoid the thing you don’t want you are actually activating the manifestation.

There are some of us who have clear, strong intentions, that are doing what they can in order to achieve them and yet, they are experiencing the opposite of what they are trying to achieve. Somehow they are attracting negative experiences rather than positive ones and manifesting what they don’t want rather than what they do want, while the goal keeps eluding them.

So what is stopping us from manifesting our conscious intentions, and instead creating the unconscious intentions?
The answer is the Mantras that are continuously flowing around our minds. Mantras comes the Sanskrit word ‘Mantrana’ which means ‘advice’ or ‘suggestion’. Every thing we think, feel and say are energetic vibrations that have a direct effect on our consciousness, body and mind.

Masaru Emoto, is a modern pioneer of this idea when he published his seminal book “Messages from Water,” that showed the influence of human consciousness on the molecular structure of water. As our bodies are seventy per cent liquid this idea correlates to us too. It means, our thoughts, feelings and actions are having a direct impact on what is happening in our bodies.

Stop Doing
Often we make the mistake that we need to DO something in order to achieve something. When we just DO for the sake of doing, with no clear goal or outcome, we become like hamsters on a treadmill, going round and round, expending a load of energy but not going anywhere. When we get into that rut we become tired, stressed and anxious very quickly. On the other hand we can also become passive observers standing on the sidelines, waiting for something to happen. Some of us are atrophying waiting for something to happen without doing the initial effort to get our projects and creative endeavours started.

If you are toiling away not getting anywhere, not making enough money to enjoy your freedom, and feeling depressed and disheartened, or you are waiting for something to happen, it’s time to ask yourself;

Are you working with conscious intention?

The flow of life is constantly taking us towards our intentions. When we are serving humanity, with clear purpose, and grateful for everything that is happening, trusting it’s perfect, we send out positive messages to ourselves, creating a peaceful and harmonious vibration, and naturally manifesting more of the same. When we are unconsciously manifesting our fears and fighting life with our expectations and judgements, we are naturally creating more negative vibrations.

The challenge is recognising that our intentions are always manifesting, even when things seem to be going wrong, and it looks like we are heading in the opposite direction of where we want to be going.

Follow the STAR
Follow the STAR philosophy; Surrender, Trust, Allow, Receive

The more we know who we are, the more aligned we are with our purpose and destiny, the easier it is to see the vision of what we want to create.

However impossible your dream seems, it can be realised if you don’t give up on it and don’t try and rationalise how it will work out. The Universe is infinitely magical and the more we can let go of trying to work it out from our limited rational three dimensional perspective, the more magical and mind-blowing the results are.

The more seemingly challenging intentions I make the more magical they are realised in reality, beyond all my wildest dreams. You just have to get out of your comfort zone, become fearless, trust life and find the courage to set your intention. Jump into the unknown, follow your dreams, and let the magical universe guide you to your destination effortlessly. We can all achieve our dreams just by having a clear, conscious intention and believing it will happen.

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