Sagittarius New Moon – Tuesday 29th Nov

unnamed-5Sagittarius New Moon – Tuesday 29th Nov

Following on from the earthly Taurus full moon, we have the fiery Sagittarius new moon that focuses us on our destination. Symbolised by the archer, we are asked to pay attention to the goals we are wanting to achieve. Are we shooting for the moon and stars or content with just playing it safe?

The archer is also half-human and half-animal, reminding us of both our human and animal instincts. The Centaurs point their bow as high as they can, in order to reach their target, trusting not only themselves and their skill, but also with a deep instinctual trust in nature. As long as we are focused on the destination, we must surrender to the flow of nature to take us there, and trust that there are unforeseen forces helping us reach our goals, however far away they may seem at times.

Here are my 7 top tips to successfully surfing this Sagittarius New Moon wave!

Explore your Creativity
A Sagittarius moon reminds us that life is an adventure to be explored and discovered. To journey to other shores and see how full of wonder and magic the world is. If things have got too serious lately, take some time out this new moon and do something exciting and different. Explore your creativity and inspire yourself by taking a class, and learning something new. I love night school, there are so many adult courses available for any desire you may have so take the leap and discover your hidden talents.

Keep your Intentions Clear
Keep your intentions clear on what you want and where you are going, even if things are not working out as you hoped. We can never know the future, as everything is fluid and in motion. When we remain clear and focused within, regardless of what is happening in the external world, we can overcome any doubt or sense of failure that may try to consume us and recognise the magic of life that is helping us through the darkness.

Go Beyond your Comfort Zone
The Sagittarius moon is ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion, focusing our attention on broadening our horizons, and boosting our enthusiasm and faith in ourselves. This is the moon to change your life, get yourself out of the rut, and jump into the unknown. Fuelled by fire energy this moon brings out our assertiveness, enabling us to recognise our inner power and make a stand for ourselves. It inspires us to make important life changes by giving us the strength to face the fear, and courage to finally remove ourselves from disempowering situations or relationships. If you have been feeling the call to travel go and discover new horizons. Take that leap of faith this moon and book your ticket.

Become your own Guru
Rather than think it is the duty of others to change their behaviour, its easier to start with you. When we stop focusing outwards onto everyone else, and start focusing inwards towards ourselves, change happens more quickly. So become your own guru over this moon and listen to your intuition that is constantly guiding you. The more we listen to our intuition the more effortless life becomes. The intuition is not ‘a voice,’ as all voices we hear are coming from our minds, our conditioning, society and inner critic. It is a feeling that energises and flows around the body and moves us in a clear direction. In order to feel this energy we must be in silence, where our rational thoughts are no longer controlling our headspace and we can access this inner energy. From this space of silence a knowing arises that resonates at the deepest level. This is our connection to Life, to existence – this is our intuition.

Stop Blaming Others
A Sagittarius moon can also reveal the shortcomings of others. We may feel disappointed that our belief in others is not being fulfilled. Rather than blame the other person, recognise that it is your expectations that may have been too high and they were doing their best. Be careful not to burn your bridges over this moon, as the fire energy can make you unintentionally blunt and hurtful.

Your Glass is Half Full
It’s all about attitude and our glasses are either half full or half empty. Fortunately, this Sagittarius new moon helps us view things more rationally and philosophically, rather than emotionally. It gives us new perspectives and a better understanding of what’s really going on, rather than what we think we are seeing. It can also help us to see ourselves in a clearer light, so we can recognise our weaknesses and strengths more clearly, and learn to love and accept ourselves just as we are.

We are all Connected
Let this fiery moon reignite your faith by showing you the bigger picture. When we see beyond the wood, we can recognise the trees more clearly. Open yourself to the magic over this moon by seeing and experiencing all the synchronicities that are happening in your life. Rather than be fuelled by the fear of the current media continue to share your ideas, dreams and visions with others, creating collaborations and strengthening your projects. When we know nothing is random and everything is interconnected we start seeing just how magical and mystical life can be. When we start living this way we automatically feel more hopeful and positive.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words from Michelangelo:
“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”

Slowly The Eggs aka Maria Papadimitriou

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