Sagittarius Full Moon – Aim for the Stars

becarcherSagittarius Full Moon – Aim for the Stars


After the emotional onslaught of the past few weeks the fire sign of Sagittarius ignites our courage, so we can aim for the stars and head beyond our comfort zone. Under this moon we are more willing to take risks, leap off that cliff and see if we really can fly.

Ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion and growth, which is now going forward, this Sagittarius full moon is laden with opportunities and projects finally coming to completion. Jupiter helps us see the truth instead of blindly accepting what we are told and asking us to question everything that doesn’t seem right.

With  a healthy dose of trust and belief in our abilities, we will find that nothing is impossible, and life is opening up for things to happen effortlessly and joyfully.

Here are my 7 top tips to successfully surf this Sagittarius Full moon wave!

Aim for the Stars
Sagittarius is symbolised by the archer, who aims their arrow high, as if reaching for the stars, confident they can reach the destination, however far away it is. They know they have the strength and ability to pull the bow, but they must also trust the strength of the bow, the aerodynamic potential of the arrow, and the wind to guide the arrow to the bullseye. The archer is also part horse – a Centaur. Animals operate on instinct alone and the centaur reminds us to be aware of, and act, on both our rational thoughts AND our intuition/instinct. We must trust ourselves and then allow the flow of life to effortlessly take us to our destination.

Go Beyond your Comfort Zone
This moon urges us to look further afield beyond our comfort zone, to leap off the metaphorical cliff and trust that we can fly. It helps us to shatter the illusion of who we think we are by offering opportunities that will strengthen and test us. However, with the adventurous spirit of Sagittarius fuelling us forward, don’t let FEAR (false expectations altering reality) stop you from following your inner guidance, especially if you have a deep knowing to do something and the only thing that is stopping you is the What IF!!

In order to jump off the cliff you have to believe in yourself, rather than stay paralysed or in a victim mentality, blaming others for your inertia. There is never any security in jumping, but it is only when you jump that you learn how to fly…and the greatest, biggest regret of the dying is that they did not live their dreams. So use the the heat of the summer sun, and the Jupiter and Sagittarius moon energy to re-inspire you to do something practically wild and wonderful; study, jump out a plane, bungee jump, travel to a new destination, apply for a new job, whatever it is that will make you feel ALIVE.

Be Spontaneous
This Sagittarius moon enables us to be more spontaneous, speak our truth and apply the ‘fuck it’ philosophy, more easily. Fully embrace the chaos and let this fire sign lighten up the energy around you. When we finally let go of the fear of the unknown, the ‘what if’, the insecurity, and TRUST LIFE, we start to see the magic in the spontaneity.  However, this moon can also bring out the blunt and tactless part of ourselves so if you feel like you must speak your truth, make sure you say it with kindness and compassion.

Expand your Vision of Who You Are
In order to be more spontaneous throughout this moon cycle, we need to let go of the negative mantras that are holding us hostage to our belief in who we think we are. Spend some time becoming aware and conscious of your negative critic and the negative things you tell yourself about you! Once you become aware of what I call a ‘negative mantra’ change it to a ‘positive mantra’ eg – “I’m always late to I’m always on time” or “I could never do that to I love trying new things”…

Imagine yourself doing what you love and allow the sensation of that feeling flow through your body as if you are ALREADY doing it, being it, living it. The more you believe it the more easily you conceive it! It really works if you are brave enough to break out of the old habit patterns of the mind.

Trust your Own Intuitive Wisdom
Very often we can give our power away to others who we think are more ‘spiritually, emotionally or intellectually’ advanced, at the expense of our own inner knowing and wisdom. This moon it is imperative that you trust your own inner guidance system. I have been walking this path a long time and one thing I know for sure, is that NO ONE knows better than you what you need to do in your life! You just need to trust that what you are feeling is OK! Taking advice from many people can create more confusion so if you do need to seek help than choose wisely who you speak with so that they don’t conflict with your own intuition.

Love where you are RIGHT NOW
A Sagittarius moon has the tendency to make us feel unsatisfied and un-satiated with what we have achieved and where we are in our lives, even if we usually feel very content and at peace, wondering if the grass is greener elsewhere. Make sure spontaneity doesn’t become a rash decision based on a feeling of dissatisfaction and you end up doing something you regret. The best way of dealing with this is to use it as an opportunity to focus on the future and what you would like to manifest differently. Set a new intention, a new destination and transform the chaos into creative action.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words from Vaclav Havel:
“Vision is not enough: it must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps; we must step up the steps.”


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