Sacred Cacaoista Apprenticeship Feedback

Thank you for attending the Sacred Cacaoista Apprenticeship, in Ibiza 2017. We are so proud of your openness and dedication to the Cacao medicine and all the courage and hard work you put into the training. To ensure we provide the best possible experience for future participants we would love to hear your honest feedback and comments.

Please rate your experience on a scale of 1-10 Awful = 1 Exceptional =10
How would you rate the enrolment process?
How useful was the pre-course material and was there was sufficient communication prior to the Apprenticeship?
How would you rate the accommodation? Please let us know if there is anything we could do, or provide, to improve the experience?
How would you rate the food?
How would you rate the facilities in and around the villa? Please let us know if there is anything missing that could have furthered your experience?
How did you find the structure of the apprenticeship? Please let us know if the apprenticeship had the right balance between ceremonies, classes and free time?
Did you enjoy the lessons? Please let us know if the content relevant? Was anything not covered which you now wish to know?
Please rate your Ceremonial Experience?
Do you feel like you had adequate time with Rebekah to process the ceremonies, if needed? Did you feel safe and supported?
Was the optional morning yoga beneficial to you? If not, is there anything else we could offer in the mornings?
Outside of the ceremonies and the lessons did you enjoy the other activities, such as the kundalini dance, and the trip to Tanit's cave?
Please can you rate your overall experience? All feedback is appreciated as we are always seeking to improve and evolve. Please let us know if we can use your feedback to help spread the word to future Cacaoista's that are thinking about joining the apprenticeship next year.
Thank you! Your honest feedback is appreciated and will help us spread this beautiful medicine even further.

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