Pisces New Moon Total Solar Eclipse – 8-9th March

unnamed (3)Prepare yourself to navigate the coming Pisces new moon, usually the most emotional moon of the year, and this one is intensified by a total solar eclipse. It’s going to get messy for some, as the eclipse illuminates the hidden light within, and we have to face the reality of who we really are.

Since ancient times, eclipses have held deep significance and seen as an opportunity for change and new beginnings. The darkening of the sun in the sign of Pisces can help us go beyond the illusion of separation to realize that we are all living on this one small planet together, and only together can we halt the impending crisis of climate change, and global injustice. It can illuminate how each one of us is a vital part of this unfolding planetary story.

We planted our seeds on the Aquarius new moon and on the Virgo full moon we started to create the right conditions for them to grow. Now on this intuitive Pisces moon we can become more conscious of the reality we are creating, and see what must be done to keep them healthy and strong. This total solar eclipse will enable us to see the shadow parts of our personality so we can identify our unconscious destructive behaviours that stop us from shining bright.

Here are my top 7 tips for surfing this Pisces new moon and remember the immortal words of Bugs Bunny, “Don’t take life too seriously…you’ll never get out alive.”

Accepting What Is

The best piece of advice this moon is to SURRENDER! because the easiest way to surf this moon is to let go of control and accept what is. When we try and fight with reality and the choices we have made, we feel helpless and powerless. This emotional moon could well suck you into a vortex of shoulda, coulda, woulda’s that can leave you ruminating for hours. If you find yourself clinging to the past, bring yourself back to the now and decide what you want to manifest instead.

A river never looks back from where its come – it is always focused forward continuing on its journey. Be more like the river and focus your attention to the path ahead, not what you have left behind.

Opening the Wounds

This moon has the capability of opening up old and deep wounds that may not have healed properly and can no longer be ignored. If you are not living according to your truth, the pain of pretending to be someone else is going to become difficult to bare over this moon. Old woulds could well be ripped open, and buried emotions can come bubbling to the surface so that we can face what is deeply hidden, urging us to seek the healing we need.

Hugging The Dark Side 

The more we know and love our ‘shadow self’ the more we can work with it, as our ally. A total solar eclipse brings up our dark side so become aware of yours, and how it operates. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” I have been using this quote from Albert Einstein a lot recently. At some point we must stop the blaming and finger pointing, and accept our destructive behaviours. Use this total solar eclipse to reboot your life and make the commitment to do things differently this time. Acknowledge your dark side, and give it a hug. When we learn to love that part of ourselves, we learn compassion and forgiveness.

Feeling Responsible 

Over a Pisces moon we can often feel personally responsible for what is happening on the planet and become overwhelmed with emotions that leave us feeling helpless and powerless. Rather than be disheartened by the situation, use this very intuitive and connected new moon to inspire you to do something about it. See what synchronistically appears and just do it! The time really is now!

Trust your Dreams

A Pisces moon is the moon of dreams, so over the next two weeks record your dreams, as they may well hold messages and suggestions from your hidden subconscious. This is a very auspicious time and anything can happen, as the light is being eclipsed illuminating the darkness, and exposing the hidden magic. The best way of allowing it, is to let go of any expectations or entitlements, be open to the synchronisities, and let the life unfold in its own, perfect way.

Finding Harmony

Pisces is symbolised by two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the head and the heart. Our minds are dominated by rational and logical thought that is limited to our conditioning, belief systems and five senses, and often conflicts with our intuitive heart that is connected to the whole and therefore has a different, greater perspective. As I have mentioned in previous Lunascopes, with every decision we make, we are either sacrificing our hearts or sacrificing our egos. This moon make an effort to follow your intuition rather than your ego. You will find that life will flow a lot more smoothly and joyfully.

Expect the Unexpected

This total solar eclipse is both timely and opportunistic in the sign of Pisces. Its a time for new beginnings, and for us to expect the unexpected. All we need to do is set our intention and sit back and enjoy the ride. When we stop fighting with life and accept reality exactly as it is, we can see all the blessings. If things have been tough recently, and the waves of life have been choppy, ask/pray for some help from the divine source and then let the magic happen. It really does work.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words from Ram Dass:
Despair is the necessary prerequisite for the next degree of consciousness. That’s absolutely a prerequisite.”.

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