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Please be aware that we share this magical place filled with indigenous species of flora and fauna who call the jungle 'home.' We do everything in our power to love and respect all living beings. We ask that you respect everything by admiring their uniqueness and beauty from a distance. Please do not touch unless otherwise guided/instructed to do so. Our jungle surroundings are stunning, untamed, and full of wildlife at Chakra Alegría de Amor, and we want to maintain these characteristics by being as non-invasive and eco-friendly as possible. This means we walk around the property on paths that are often muddy and, at times, a little steep. We use natural cleaning and hygiene products. We take bucket showers with beautiful, medicinal, clean creek water. We are mindful of conserving water and all resources. We have compost toilets for recycling our nutrients for the farm. The lodge is located 3KM walk from the Iquitos—Nauta highway. You will have to hike to the centre on foot path with, hills as well as wooden bridges for crossing quebradas (streams). We are not near any town, store, or, well... anything! We pack in everything that we will provide you for your retreat, and nothing more. We do have some emergency medical supplies, but you are responsible for taking care of your essential items prior to arrival.
Thank you so much for your honesty, and understanding. ♥ Myself and all at the lodge are really excited to be sharing the Plant medicines and this journey with you

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