The Shamanic Path to Peace

World In His HandsThe Shamanic Path to Peace

Today is International Day of Peace, a UN initiative, started in 1981, to commemorate and strengthen the ideals of Peace.

But since 2007 the world as a whole has been getting incrementally less peaceful every year, according to the Global Peace Index.

The problem is our governments are continuing to spend huge amounts of money and resources on creating and maintaining violence, and not actually investing in peace.

Our world is now built on autocracy, fanaticism and terrorism, and it’s one machine that seems almost impossible to stop. So on this day I’d like to offer a new way of looking at Peace.. The Peace you feel within you.

We are reaching the moment in our species’ evolution when the next stage of our development is a consciousness shift, from Fear and Separation to Love and Unity.

Inspired by our own personal and the collective planetary crisis, we are waking up and realising that we must change the way we experience and interact with the world in order to see the change we want.

Albert Einstein claimed “you cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it.”  The Shamanic way is to take personal responsibility for everything that has and is happening knowing that on a subconscious level we have chosen it.  When we accept that we are co-creators, and actually just a reflection of our own inner process we begin to see that we are not victims of life but what is happening is due to what we are believing and feeling. Therefore, when we feel fear we become stressed, anxious, helpless victims of a situation we think is happening to us.

And it is becoming more self-evident that whatever we are feeling internally, is having a direct effect on the external world and we are seeing, almost instantly, how our inner emotions are being reflected back to us by our outer experiences.

As the dominant species, it is our choices that will determine what the future will be. The energy of fear is strong on the planet right now and it takes courage to choose love instead. When we love, we receive love and no longer feel like victims of life. We become more empowered, strong and connected.

It is going to take a global shift in consciousness to help us through this dark time on the planet, as our systems start collapsing, affecting us all on a global scale. Fortunately, Nature has a natural self-correcting mechanism that is initiated when things reach crisis point and we are reaching ours.

Many of us are beginning to understanding that our purpose is to serve and steward this planet so it can continue to provide natural resources for future generations.  When we awaken to this vital understanding we begin to see how everything is so inexplicably linked. Every time we perform an action that has an adverse effect on the planet we feel it on a deep subconscious level and when we serve and help others we feel a sense of deep peace and contentment.

Today, if others upset or annoy you, ripple out the vibration of forgiveness and compassion. The  more of us who do that, the bigger the morphic resonance field gets, the stronger the current becomes, that will eventually become the tide of change.

So International Peace Day is a day to remind us of being peaceful.. Use today to find peace and harmony inside of you…

Here is a free guided meditation to help you find that peaceful state ..

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