Rebekah Shaman

Rebekah Shaman

Aries Full Supermoon – Sunday 16th Oct

This Aries full supermoon is here to get the energy moving again. This wonderful full moon has come at a time when change is in the air. Despite the apparent chaos in the external world, the assertive energy of Aries is perfectly placed to fire up our passions and focus us on the tasks ahead.

Boom – The Future of Festivals

Boom is more than just a festival, it is a way of life, a philosophy that finally has the opportunity to become reality. They have a deep respect for nature and the core Boom team want to create a new world, by establishing a place for music, as well as a safe, creative environment for a diversity of artistic projects and wellness practises.

The Shamanic Path to Peace

Our world is now built on autocracy, fanaticism and terrorism, and it’s one machine that seems almost impossible to stop. So on this day I’d like to offer a new way of looking at Peace.. The Peace you feel within you.

Pisces Full Moon Eclipse – Friday 16th September

A Pisces full moon illuminates the conflict between serving our individual needs, and serving the collective. The Virgo new moon inspired us to take action to birth our dreams in the physical, especially as it’s harvest time. Now the Piscean full moon asks us how we can use these dreams to serve the collective.

Virgo New Moon – September 1st

This Virgo new moon urges us to shake off any feelings of failure, depression and hopeless and rekindle our faith by taking one practical step at a time.

Aquarius Full Moon – Thursday 18th August

While the Leo new moon was concerned with self-expression, this Aquarius full moon focuses on the collective, and our part in it. This is creating a tension, as the situation is reaching crisis point on the planet and we are now being forced to look at how our individual actions are affecting the community, as a whole. However, under this moon we can see that the two are not mutually exclusive, giving us another opportunity to see how we personally, can best serve humanity.

Being Limitless

I have just returned from a two day workshop on ‘Being Limitless’ facilitated by One World Academy, based in India. Using powerful breath and meditation techniques we were able to reach altered states of consciousness and experience a profound state of limitlessness.. and being one with everything.

Leo New Moon – Tuesday 2nd August

Every now and then there is a time to feel proud of your achievements and how far you have come, and this Leo moon is a great opportunity to share your victories with others.


Many of us may well be feeling a load of pent up energy over this full Moon. If you are feeling the need to release energy – go and dance!! For those who are feeling more meditative, this is a good Moon for going out into nature and having a grounding Moon Bath.

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