My Mission is to inspire conscious change by…

…educating on the importance of Plant ‘Consciousness’ for our future survival, and assist those in the urban jungles to live more shamanically, reconnecting back to Nature, and the natural cycles and rhythms of life.

My aim is…

…provide you with the tools you need to recognise the power of nature supporting you, and the knowledge of your own inner power, so that you can manifest and create real change on this planet, not only for you but for future generations.

This is about really living, breathing and participating in this world, as a conscious co creator.

Our modern concept of time as linear is now so entrenched within our psyches we have forgotten the real notion of time, taught by our indigenous cultures who lived in the rhythm and flow of the Universal Laws of Nature. Living in the Amazon jungle I realigned with the rhythm of the Planet and bought this understanding back with me to the urban jungle. Since my return I have found that the more we live within the natural flow, the more magic and harmony we experience in our lives.

When we surrender to the life force energy of the planet we can begin to determine what is going to happen before it does, experience mind-blowing syncronisity, experience deep nourishing, loving connections with others, always end up in the right place at the right time, and life becomes a magical adventure.

And soon this is going to be the most enjoyable way to live, because the third dimension is getting pretty dicey right now.  The world seems to be on the brink of meltdown, as our systems breakdown and we the fear, anxiety and stress is relentless.  We are not given any hope to hold on to and the intensity just seems to be increasing.

When we remember that the power is within us.. even our smallest actions affect the whole, including politically (with our vote), economically (with our buying decisions), ecologically (with our lifestyle decisions), abundantly (with our giving decisions), and emotionally (with our attitude towards ourself and others). We all have a unique part to play in the unfolding of our global story. And its time to release the rebel so that we can actively become part of the solution, rather than remain part of the dis-eased system.


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