Mercury Retrograde – 5th – 25th January

AAEAAQAAAAAAAALXAAAAJDg5YjdjODdkLTY3MWUtNGZkZS1hM2E2LWJjM2JmOWU4NjIzZAThe first of Four Mercury Retrogrades in 2016

Use this Mercury Retrograde period till 25th January to get clear which metaphorical seeds you are planting, the ones that need watering, and the ones that are still preparing roots in the ground. We need to conserve our energy and use our time wisely, to avoid burnout, so its really important to know that the energy you are outputting is going to good use and not being wasted.

However, see this Mercury retrograde as a blessing and use this slowing down period for some important reflection, revision and reexamination after the intensity of the festive holidays. Once we reach mid-end of February, time will start speeding up again and it will be very helpful if you know what your goals are, make the right decisions and stay on track.

Beware that during a Mercury Retrograde communications are most affected, so it’s best not to buy any new electrical items, sign any important documents, make any binding agreements, or make any final decisions until it goes forward again. This is because things can look very different once Mercury changes direction, and often things can come to light that were hidden during it’s retrograde.

Travel plans often go awry so don’t get too freaked out if things are delayed, chaotic, or even cancelled. It will usually be beyond your control and the best way to remain calm and harmonious is to let go, accept that not everything goes to plan and look for the blessings.

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