Rebekah Shaman

Rebekah Shaman
Aries New Moon – Sat 18th April

Aries New Moon – Sat 18th April

As we reach the Aries new moon – sat 18th April the fire energy is still raging. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and the sign of new beginnings, especially as it heralds the change of season from the barren winter to the growth of summer.

Aries New Moon Ritual

This Aries new moon – Saturday 18th April – can bring up lots of chaotic emotions, thoughts and feelings and the key is to find some silent, ‘me’ time and give yourself the space to respond and get clear and calm, rather than react to what is coming up with anger and aggression.

Living Shamanically – Reawakening the Right Brain

Living Shamanically – Reawakening the Right Brain

For the last 10,000 years, and for over 400 generations, we have had climate stability. Due to an abundance of fertile soil, air, water and food, we have populated accordingly, thanks to the richness of the planet.

Illuminating the Wounds – Living Shamanically

This Libra full moon lunar eclipse is illuminating the wounds that are hidden so we can find forgiveness, let go of old baggage and move forward.

Libra Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse – Sat 4th April

It’s could get messy as we head towards the Libra full moon total lunar eclipse on Sat 4th April, in a very fiery Aries.

Pisces New Moon Friday 20th March

Pisces new moon Friday 20th is coming just as we enter into…

Pluto/Uranus Squares 2012-2015

Pluto/Uranus Squares 2012-2015 Pluto/Uranus Squares 2012-2015 have been assisting us to┬áchange since…

Clearing out the Clutter

It's time for Clearing out the Clutter. This rather intense Virgo full…

Virgo Full Moon Lunascope – thurs 5th March

This practical Virgo full moon is giving us an opportunity to get…

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