IMG_3587As life becomes more chaotic and unstable, we try and find safety in what we know rather than embrace the inevitability of change. The Moon and Planets are here to help us navigate our way through the fear and now more than ever we must make use of their energy to find the happiness and inner joy we seek.

This Lunascope is inspired to help us realign with the natural rhythm and flow of the planet, by following the twice monthly moon cycles and the eight ancient Celtic festivals of nature. The more we live within the natural flow, the more magic and harmony we experience in our lives. The Moon inspires and influences everything, from cutting of hair, to growing, cultivating and harvesting crops.

fee4c261-c7e3-406e-bdf9-b4e0b3ec7dd6Just as the Moon has a significant effect on tides and the oceans, it also has a significant influence on the flow of our lives, especially because the human form is seventy per cent liquid, with a subtle magnetic energy body. There are eight cycles of the moon from new moon to new moon, which takes twenty-eight days to complete, giving us thirteen moons a year

The more we study and live in tune with the lunar cycles the more we can see how they affect our daily lives, our emotions, and our fortune. Each phase of the Moon provides us with opportunities to live healthy, creative and fruitful lives. When we follow them life seems to make more sense.

Moon Photo: Pepe Alcaide

Capricorn Moon pic: Bec Richards


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