Living Shamanically – Reawakening the Right Brain

World In His HandsFor the last 10,000 years, and for over 400 generations, we have had climate stability. Due to an abundance of fertile soil, air, water and food, we have populated accordingly, thanks to the richness of the planet. As we became more sophisticated, we began to find easier ways to travel and share experiences, and eventually, great complex civilisations sprung up around the globe.

In order to create order from the chaos, and manipulate our environment to serve our needs, we started to use more of our left brain, becoming more logical, systematic, practical, and scientific. The left-brain looks at the world from the reductionist perspective of individualisation, and ego-based thinking – what can nature do for me. The more we successfully wielded our power, and controlled our conditions we severed our symbiotic connection with nature. Over time our relationship with the ‘anima mundi’ (Spirit of the world) was suppressed, burying the creative, intuitive, solutions-based, feminine right-brain perspective.

The rise of patriarchy is a direct manifestation of the rise of the ‘masculine’ side of the brain. This egocentric perspective has created a hierarchical structure, systems of control, and social and environmental manipulation for our own selfish ends and we are now seeing the extreme expression of this narcissistic consciousness. This left brain thinking is creating a crisis on the planet, and an opportunity for an evolutionary shift. We are going to have to re-awaken our right brains so that we can access the empathetic, compassionate, intuitive, solution-based thinking in order for us to maintain our habitat for future generations.

Plant medicines reawaken the right hemisphere of the brain reminding us that we are one with all living things. It realigns us to our feminine, connected nature, and shows us that there is a consciousness within all matter. Most importantly, plant medicines are vital for our evolutionary growth. We are at a point in history when we desperately need to consciously remember we are a part of nature, to change the destructive trajectory we are on, which is why Shamanism and Plant medicines are so important, and why we are seeing such a global explosion of their uses.

Entheogens unlock the gateway to the right-side of brain, transforming our egocentric consciousness to a world-centric consciousness, transforming our value systems and sparking this next step in humanity’s evolution.

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