Leo New Moon – Tuesday 2nd August

IMG_1254Leo New Moon – Tues 2nd August.

Every now and then there is a time to feel proud of your achievements and how far you have come, and this Leo moon is a great opportunity to share your victories with others.

With all the chaos that is going on in the world, and the fear that it is generating, it can be hard to see all the little success that are happening in the microcosm. The light is getting brighter, as more people are waking up and understanding that we are the change we have been waiting for.

This Leo new moon is the perfect time to celebrate the accomplishments that you have achieved this year. It reminds us to have the courage to be who we are without fear or humiliation. Don’t be afraid to shine bright under this fiery new moon and see what is attracted to your light!

Here are my 7 top tips too successfully surf this Leo New moon wave!

Shine Bright
This fiery sign ignites our pride, forcing us to come out of the shadows. It’s time to stop hiding in the dark, afraid of who you are, and get out into the world with your unique gifts and skills. This is a surefire way we can help make this world a better place. Creative energy is now in full throttle while this moon helps us to express our truth and passion. It’s time to take action, break through the fear, and ROAR LIKE A LION.

Selfless Service
Leo energy is about the essence of YOU. It is the sign that says “Hello World, I’m Here!” It clarifies our purpose and reason for living, and strengthens our deepest intentions on how we live our lives. But for many of us, just serving our own ego needs is no longer enough, as we realise we are a global family that must rely on each other to survive. All our actions, great and small, have an impact and now more than ever we are seeing the direct consequences of our actions, as seven billion of us use our precious natural resources without awareness.

Leo helps us to realise that when we serve others we are also serving ourselves, creating a win-win situation. It focuses our attention on the common good and how we can help the greater whole so everyone benefits.

It has been proven that when we serve others we feel better about ourselves, so if you are feeling a bit low and lost, help someone less fortunate than yourself and see what a difference it can make to your state of mind.

Beware of Drama
You may find there is a heightened sense of drama during these next two weeks, as control issues rise to the surface and the conflict between personal gain versus collective good plays out both internally and externally. Try not to add more fuel to a raging fire, especially over this moon, when the power play between the ego and the heart can be intense.

If things do get heated and seem like they are getting out of hand, ask yourself this question “What would LOVE do?” and then act accordingly to that! When we come from love, we are always coming from a place of peace and harmony that benefits all involved.

Compassionate Leadership
Real compassionate leadership starts WITHIN you. When we align with our compassion and are unafraid to take a stand, we automatically become an inspiration to those around us. When more of us become compassionate leaders, the more we ignite others to shine bright, and very soon, we can change the destructive trajectory we are on by offering a way out of the fear and despair into a healthier, more connected reality.

Evaluate your Love life
Are your needs being met? Are you able to maintain your individuality? Are you living your dreams within your relationships or have you lost sight of your goals?  Are you fearful of losing yourself in a relationship?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions it may be a good time for a Relationship Amnesty.  This is an opportunity for both of you in the relationship to speak your truth and be heard without judgement or fear so that your needs can be expressed. A Relationship Amnesty clears the air so harboured negative feelings and resentments can be aired before they take root and become destructive.

It is also the most fun-loving and generous of all the signs so if you are single this is a great time to go out and socialise, as Leo helps us to shine bright and beautiful…

(Re)-ignite your Vision
Over the full moon in Capricorn we celebrated our achievements, renewed our faith, and practically moved our projects and goals forwards. Now under this Leo new moon is a time for standing in our power, without fear or recrimination. If you have been feeling invisible, or unrecognised, use the energy of Leo to change the situation. Reignite your passion and ambition now and then take positive steps to make it happen.

Be Courageous in the face of FEAR
The Leo sign is symbolised by the Lion. In Tarot this is the major Arcana representing Strength, and this moon gives us the will to carry on regardless of the obstacles that face us with a renewed sense of strength, knowing that everything we need is within us. It helps us recognise our leadership, and where we must be courageous if we see an injustice or feel a burning desire to change something.

Over this moon we can often see a rise in rebellious behaviour, as the opposite full moon in Aquarius heightens the energy, and can ignite our defiant nature, fuelling our courage to speak out, regardless of the consequences.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words from Dwight L Moody:

To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest.

photo by Bec Richter

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