Imbolc – First Days of Spring

Michael-HiepHappy Imbolc – The first days of Spring.

We have reached the Celtic Cross Quarter festival that celebrates the first days of spring when we start seeing the first brave spring flowers pushing through the hard ground.  From now to Spring Equinox we will see a huge increase in energy, as life/nature inspires us to start realising our potential. It is time for us to break through our shells.

Nature is awakening, as we see a return of life after the dark winter months.  In Celtic tradition we honour Brigid the virgin maiden who represents vision and intuition.  Over the coming weeks start acting on your inner knowing and wisdom that has been shaped during the long winter months of hibernation and inner reflection and contemplation.

It is time for us to prepare for the coming growth, fertility and expansion, as the days become lighter and longer. Just as the young shoots are preparing to breakthrough the soil, we are also germinating our dreams and visions.

During the winter moons we have been getting clearer on what we want to manifest over the year. Now, we will begin to see our intentions manifesting. Sow your seeds in fertile soil by letting your imagination and creativity ignite…

Go out bare foot in Nature, feel the earth beneath your toes and become aware of the potent power of Nature that is reawakening and stirring in the earth. Hug a tree, smell the grass and feel your deep connection to Mother Earth. Ask for guidance if you are needing clarity or direction and let your gratitude for this wonderful Planet flow out into the world.

Enjoy the Journey!

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Michael Hiep – ‘Awakening of Spring (Element: Earth)’

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