Imbolc Celtic Festival – Spring is coming – 2nd Feb

Happy Imbolc, the Celtic Cross Quarter festival that celebrates the first days of spring. Life is stirring and we can start seeing the first brave spring flowers pushing through the hard ground.  From now to Spring Equinox we will see a huge increase in energy, as life/nature helps us to break through our resistances, and challenges so we can flower!

In Celtic tradition the seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter become embodied by the female rites of passage, as the Virgin (Imbolc), the Maiden (Beltane), the Mother (Lammas), and the Crone (Samhain). Brigid the virgin maiden represents the awakening from our winter hibernation. Over the coming weeks start acting on your inner knowing and wisdom that has been shaped during the long winter months of reflection and contemplation.

This is the time for us to prepare for the coming growth, fertility and expansion, as the days become lighter and longer.  Just as the young shoots are preparing to breakthrough the soil, we are also germinating our dreams and visions.

It is also the festival sacred to LOVE and empowerment of women (which is why Valentines Day is celebrated around the same time).

Aim for the stars, take that leap of faith, jump into the unknown, and follow your intuition.  Trust that Mother Earth will protect you and help you reach your full potential, just as she supports the shoots and buds that are breaking out of their shells and pushing through the soil..

The potent energy of Imbolc helps us to heal our fears of moving forward and trusting our intuition.  Use this time to reclaim your inner power.   This is also a good time to heal yourself with alternative healing practises such as massage, reflexology, craniosacral therapy, etc.  Practical healing can help remove emotional blockages that stop us moving forward.

It is customary to plant seeds over Imbolc that symbolise your ideas, visions and dreams. Nurture them and see them grow and bloom over the coming months, just as your visions will grow and bloom.   This is a very empowering process because we are a part of Nature, and the seeds are a metaphor for our deep and focused commitment to our paths.

Happy Planting!!!

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