Halloween Samhain – Happy Celtic New year

HalloweenTonight is Halloween and the start of the Celtic New Year. It is the festival to honour our ancestors, and our loved ones who have passed over. Over the next three days the veil between the spirit world and our world is at its thinnest and transparent, especially during the periods of dawn and dusk.  This festival also signifies the ending of one yearly cycle and the beginning of the new.

We are entering into winter and time for darkness and barrenness, symbolised by the next rite of passage from abundant Grain Mother, celebrated during the autumn equinox and harvest, to old Crone and winter, symbolising the end of fertility, and the start of a new cycle of inner knowing, wisdom, and preparing for death/rebirth.

Use this festival as an opportunity to communicate and vision journey with your ancestors using the tools of divination; tarot, dreaming, visioning and through meditation.  Experience a rebirth, a vision quest or a soul retrieval, as the portals are open for us to walk through and clear out some deep karmic stuff.

Embrace the encroaching cold and darkness. Enjoy the space it creates, finding the time to integrate all that has happened over the summer and all that is happening, as we start our winter hibernation. Take time out to rest and relax and allow the crossover of the seasons to happen without stress or anxiety.  The change of season always brings the opportunity to start again with renewed energy and fortitude.

Halloween a time for ritual

Over this Samhain get together with friends and share your visions, dreams and passions.  Create a sacred circle with the intention of connecting with your ancestors for messages.  Set your altar and honour the four directions, the energies above and below and within.  Once you have opened the circle offer the Talking Stick around so that everyone gets an opportunity to share what is on their minds and in their hearts and share their ancestors with the group.

Everyone gets comfortable and shares three deep breathes.  The host guides people to relax the body as mentioned in my past new Moon Rituals starting from the tips of the toes and slowly moving up the body to the top of the head. Once everyone is in relaxed there is silent time to connect with themselves and their ancestors.

In the silence thank your ancestors, the angels and spirit guides for their protection and love.  Imagine being surrounded by your ancestors and loved ones that have passed on and tell them one by one what is in your heart.  End old feuds or misunderstandings that can no longer be resolved in the physical world. If this ritual is done with the right intention and respect you can find peace. (If you are not in a group find a quiet place either in nature or the place where you feel most at peace and safe.  Light a candle and thank the spirits and ancestors there…performing your own private ritual).

Give people enough time to really spend with their guides and themselves.   Slowly, when you feel it’s the right time, call people to the circle and invite them to share their experiences. Often we can really help and support others when we just share our stories.

Glennie Kindred in ‘The Earths Cycle of Celebration’ suggests a beautiful Samhain ritual.  Hold hands in a circle. Pour a spiral of salt on the floor and in the centre leave a lighted candle and some nuts.  Each person walks into the centre of the spiral and leaves something from the old year and picks up a nut that represents a new seed to grow.   Walk out of the spiral inspired with a new direction for the New Year.

I also recommend a Ceremonial bath Samhain night and use it to vision-journey and ask the ancestors for guidance and any messages they may have for you on your path.

Wishing you all a Happy Halloween!


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