Goddess Conference Cacao Ceremony

Glastonbury Goddess Conference, 3rd August.

As part of the annual Glastonbury Goddess Conference I will be dive deep within to meet the Mayan Cacao Goddess Ixcacao, hear her wisdom and guidance, and let your inner Goddess shine bright. We will drink a cup of the bittersweet medicine and journey deep into the silence, to allow Her Cacao Plant Medicine to heal our heart-wounds, dissolve old and stale energies, memories, and stuck emotions, and release bliss chemicals that harmonise the body, heart and mind so we feel calmer, lighter, brighter and more connected and in love with ourselves.

I am honoured to be joining this gathering. In 2017 we celebrate The Great Goddess in all Her many forms, expressions and colours. She of a million names and faces, She whom we love, remember and serve. We call Her, as Goddesses of the World, into the Great World Temple of our Conference, from every continent, direction and throughout time immemorial.

Journey with us through nine devotional pilgrimage days of sacred ceremony, processions, Lammas fire, presentations, workshops, performances, storytelling, art, song and dance. Together we will move deeper into the Mysteries of Her presence and embodiment of Her ways. Together we will weave the World of Goddess.

For the full program and for tickets http://goddessconference.com/2017/


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