Gemini New Moon – Pollinate your Passions

becfinishedGemini New Moon – Pollinate your Passions


Summer is here and it’s time to pollinate our passions, as Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet is now moving forward and the communication channels are finally free of obstacles. This is the moon to share ideas, vision, create, manifest and generally take action to fertilise your dreams. 

Gemini is an air sign so it’s all about stepping out into the limelight and being proud of who you are and what you are doing. Under this moon we can find ourselves more sociable, friendly and able to communicate and connect with others effortlessly. Also stay open to magical synchronicities during this moon cycle, as things are speeding up and instant manifestations are happening more frequently.

Life wants us to thrive and the more we are in harmony with ourselves and loving what we do the easier it is to see how everything is interconnected, and we are all here to help serve and support each other.

Here are my 7 top tips to successfully surfing this Gemini new moon wave!

Pollinate your Passion 
It’s that time of year when Nature is pollinating her fragrance, flowers, and seeds and so it is for us too. The Gemini moon sparks our creativity so we can go beyond our limited beliefs and imagine new realities. We can communicate more easily, and feel really inspired and fired up to take action and get things done. Use this energy to spread your messages, share your ideas, ignite new visions and be the change that you are wanting to see in the world.

Have Fun
Over this moon we feel more confident and alive so it’s a great time to party, socialise, meet new people, feel more connected and have fun. Our creativity is in full swing so if you are feeling restless start a new course, hobby or take a short break and go on an adventure. Sometimes just going somewhere new for a few days can clear the head and give us new insights and understandings on issues that still need resolving.

Stay Open to all Possibilities
Gemini moons are often filled with synchronicities and magic so it’s important to stay open to all the possibilities that life can bring. We are only limited by our own limited thoughts, as there are infinite doors opening and closing at any one time. Stay open to the magic, so that you are able to recognise all the opportunities life is giving you.

Be Impeccable with the Truth
One of Don Miguel Ruiz’s four agreements is to be impeccable with the truth in order to lead a happier more contented life, and over this new moon, it is a wise agreement to keep. Gemini is all about communication but what we communicate is important. When we are not impeccable with our truth things always, eventually come to light, or we are in fear of being found out, which can cause incredible stress and anxiety.

Check yourself over this moon to make sure you are not over exaggerating, downright lying, or covering the truth because over this moon it won’t serve you nearly as well as being honest and truthful.

Avoid the Drama
Gemini new moons can be very airy and heady, leading to overthinking, anal-ysing and getting in our own ways. This can sometimes create dramas out of nothing, creating a huge wind storm with little substance. Don’t get sucked into other peoples’ dramas or power games. The more you can express calmly and sincerely what is in your heart, and be impeccable with the truth, the more harmonious the outcome can be.

Find Support
Often when we are in a vulnerable place we feel fearful to ask for help but if you have been having a rough time of it lately this is a great moon to ask for help and find the support you need. Share with others what is happening, as a problem shared is often a problem halved and you will feel less alone. Or if you are needing a support group set one up yourself. This Gemini moon inspires us to be the change so if you want something and you can’t find it, create it yourself. 

Find some Silent Time
It is only in the stillness that we can hear what our hearts are telling us and new moons are perfect for going within and finding some silent time. Go out in nature and find a beautiful tree to sit under, turn your phone off and and be still. Breathe in for seven counts and then breathe out for eleven counts until you feel yourself relaxing and your mind slowing down. In this quiet space let your imagination run free and see what bubbles up from deep within you. 

Connect with your wildest dreams, the highest potential of what you can achieve, your greatest goals. What is your inner voice asking of you? guiding you? telling you? Give yourself full permission to sit in this space for as long as you need to really hear your deepest wisdom.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words from Winston Churchill:
“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; Courage is what it takes to sit down and listen.”


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