Gemini Full Moon – Weds 25th November 2015

gemini full moon 2015Gemini Full Moon – Weds 25th November 2015 we can all breath a sigh of relief, as this Gemini full moon is a lighter, airier moon that will help clear away some of the storm clouds that the Scorpio new moon stirred up. It has been a turbulent couple of weeks as we navigate through the sea of negative news that is flooding our media right now.

Many of us are still in the process of facing our personal and collective fears, but things will become easier and more manageable under this airy Gemini full moon influence.

This is usually the last full moon of the year and comes during the Christmas festive season. Even though it has come very early this year, it kicks off the feel good factor by becoming full the day before America’s ‘Thanksgiving’ holiday. Reminding us of the importance of gratitude and thanksgiving.

Give Prayers of Thanks
This moon reminds us to give thanks, blessings and gratitude for what we have, rather than send out the fear of attack, hatred and anger. The thoughts and energy we are rippling out into the world are having a huge impact on the collective unconscious. We are all plugged into the Global collective intelligence and we are constantly influencing it with our thoughts.

Fortunately, this Gemini moon reminds us of our fun-loving, joyful and sociable sides, and shows us that we are all interconnected to the web of life and separation is just an illusion.

Make that phone call that has been on your mind, write that letter, send those Christmas cards that you always promise but never seem to do. Give thanks for all the people who love and acknowledge you and recognise all the blessings in your life – it is a choice whether we see our cups as half full, or half empty.

Attract your Desires
This full moon is magnetically powerful and we can attract the right people and situations we need for our projects and creative endeavours to evolve. It is also a very potent moon for finding our soulmates. All we need to do is remain open, responsive and aware of all the signs, and synchronicities that are guiding us.

This moon cycle will not be without the usual challenges and ups and downs of life. We are living in turbulent times and no one can avoid the intense energies flowing around the planet. Focus on, and pay attention to, what you want to manifest, rather than what you don’t want to, so that you can enjoy the magic that is happening all around you.

Moment to Moment
To combat any emotional feelings or frustrations, especially if things feel like they are slowing down, just do what needs to be done moment to moment without being too attached to the outcome, or beating yourself up with the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s.

If you can surrender to the flow you may find a change of focus or new plans unfolding, and dreams coming true. The more open and flexible you are to new opportunities, the easier it will be to surf this wave. Don’t judge what is happening, but take each moment as it comes.

Go Out in Nature
If you find it’s all getting a bit much, go out into nature and hug a tree, sink your bare feet into the cold, wet mud and smell the earth. Nature is one of the greatest balancers, so find the time to take a walk in the sunlight and enjoy the last days of autumn. My ritual below is very grounding for this moon.

Find a Cause that Inspires You
This Gemini Moon summons our enthusiasm and devotion to a cause, energizing us to help others less fortunate than ourselves. It’s a natural human need to want to help another because we are all connected as a species. When we serve and help others we get a super boost of energy from the collective unconscious

These energy boosting influences enable us to shine our light and spread our joy and wisdom in the world, giving us a sense of purpose and meaning, and inspire others. It also enables us to confront and overcome challenges and obstacles that come our way, and see solutions that are outside the box.

Beware the Reflection
If you are getting frustrated and angry with people, and stuck in the blame game, take personal responsibility. There might well be some self-reflection happening, especially over a Gemini full moon. Give yourself permission to take off the mask and become more intimate, open and honest about who you are and what you are really feeling.

The key to connecting this month is to listen and share your true thoughts and feelings with others. Use the communication energy of Gemini to end any stale feuds, disagreements and bad feelings so you can start the new year fresh and completed.

However, Gemini can also bring up an element of shallowness so be aware of what you are saying, and speak with integrity.This is a good time to avoid mindless gossip or backbiting, as it may well come back to bite you on the bum!.

Enjoy the Festive Season
Allow this Gemini full moon to top up your spirits after those heavy Scorpio influenced emotional storms. Be open to the subtle signs that are showing you the way, and listen to the inner voice we have been cultivating throughout the year. Things can only get better, so settle down this month and enjoy preparing for the coming festive season.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words from the Isa Upanishad, Hindu Scripture:
“Who sees all beings in his own self, and his own self in all beings, loses all fear..”

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