Dark Night of the Soul

Solar_eclipse_1999_4_NRA Dark Night of the Soul

Over the past couple of months I have been going through what has been termed a “Dark Night of the Soul,’ when all my beliefs about how life works, and who I am, have been shattered. This process is by its very nature a scary journey, as we lose sense of who we think we are, and have to acknowledge who we really are.

One of the biggest things that hold us back are our belief systems. What we believe is literally what we are creating in reality. The challenge comes when these belief systems are deeply unconscious so we are manifesting without knowing it.

At the same time, life is in its own flow and our disconnection from nature has led us to a place where we feel ‘punished,’ ‘let down’ or abandoned by ‘God,’ creating a feeling of helplessness and victimhood that renders us powerless and depressed. During this crisis we can lose all sense of our own personal responsibility and relationship to life.

Many of us are feeling a deep sense of helplessness at the state of our planet and the fear is increasing every day.  This is creating extreme amounts of fear, anxiety and in some cases panic, as we lose sight of our purpose, our goals and a bright future.

The only way through a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ is to stop the fight, and surrender to reality as it is and not as we would like it to be. It is our wake up call to remember we are a part of this amazing web of life and our actions, thoughts and feelings are having a direct affect on what we are manifesting.

When we flow directly with the life force energy of the planet and mother earth we can begin to determine what is going to happen before it does so we are prepared for what is coming, stay one step ahead of the game so so we are always be in the right place at the right time, and trust that nature/humanity has an inbuilt survival mechanism that is now kicking in and it will all turn round right in the end.

For those of you who are in a Dark Night of the Soul here are some helpful tips to help you through the process:

Walk in Nature

One of the most important ways to stay sane during these intense times is going out in nature and ground yourself, especially if you feel the overwhelmed or are suffering from anxiety and worry. Watch the sunrise/sunset, smell the sweet scent of nature as the season turns, marvel at the myriad colours, hug a tree, go barefoot and feel the ground under your feet. Reconnect to nature and release any negative feelings out through the soles of your feet as black sludge.


Remember to breathe, especially if you start feeling panicky, or out of control. Breathing in for a count of seven and then out for the count of eleven will activate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. It immediately calms down the body and puts us in a calmer more peaceful state. When we breathe deeply and slowly we can think more clearly and find solutions rather than just see the obstacles.

Stop trying to work it out

A Dark Night of the Soul breaks down all our our beliefs so we cannot work it out rationally, because nothing makes sense. This is a time when we must let go of needing to know what will happen next and cultivate a true and deep trust that we are protected and supported by Life.


Accept what you can change and surrender to what you cannot. You are NOT in control. During this process often doing spiritual practises makes no difference to the feelings of helplessness and aloneness. Realise that this is because the faith you need to find must come from you and you alone. When we look externally for recognition we are giving our power away to others. When we let go of our expectations of who we think we are/should be and just accept ourselves, as we are, we become fully empowered because no one can take it away from us.

Do your best

Don’t be so hard on yourself. When we take things too personally we can lose sight of the lessons we are needing to learn. This is a process to break you through into a deeper understanding of yourself and deepen your trust, so ignore the inner critic and just do your best, without needing things to be different.

Moment to Moment

Take each moment as it comes, without trying to work out what next steps to take. When we are in the Now, we feel more safe and secure because it is the only tangible thing we can hold on to. Every time your mind leaps to the past or the future keep bringing your mind back into the Now. If you are okay in the Now you are ok!

Don’t Quit

Whatever you do don’t quit. In times like these its hard not to hit the bottle, get stoned, or do something that numbs the pain and confusion but this does not help the situation and can often create more dramas, and exacerbate the emotional pain. The only way to come through a Dark Night of the Soul is to face it head on without fear, with a deep faith that everything is going to turn out alright even if you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel

The Blessing in the Burden

It is the lore of nature that there cannot be a burden without a blessing embedded in it, and a blessing without a burden. We are living in a duality reality so there is always the shadow and the light existing simultaneously. So if you feel you are carrying a huge burden right now, try and see the blessings that are happening simultaneously around you. If you cannot see them, ask life to show you them more clearly.

Love Yourself

Love yourself exactly at you are now without needing to be anybody different. When we can fully love and accept ourselves, despite things not working out as we would like, we can really find our true inner power and sense of self. Look in the mirror, and stare into your eyes. Keep on staring deep into your eyes and once you have created a connection start sending love and joy to reflection. Feel the love you are sending to the mirror returning back to you. Do this for about 5 minutes every morning and evening to reconnect with your true self and to hear any inner messages that might bubble up from the unconscious.

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