Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey

59c7e00b-7592-4fb0-9292-8af6958efa09The Chinese year of the fire Monkey focuses on finances and helps us find the distinction between wisdom and danger. The monkey is inherently naughty and cheeky and not as cute as it seems so be very careful with all your investments this year and make sure you have done a proper risk assessment. Think through your ideas carefully and be aware of all the pitfalls.

You are not going to be able to control alot of external variables so if you do use the agility of the monkey to scale the heady heights of business and finance this year make sure you are channeling your energy appropriately and looking after the people around you, otherwise you could find yourself in some hot water.

Things are also going to keep changing like the wind this year and what looks good now may not look so good later on in the year, so do make some contingency plans if things start going south to mitigate the loss.

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