Chanukah – Festival of Miracles

Dont-wait-for-miracles-300x231Chanukah – Festival of Miracles is celebrated from 6th – 14th December. This festival is all about miracles and reminds us that miracles are happening every moment.

Chanukah celebrates the story of when the second Temple was destroyed by the Greeks and only enough olive oil was left to light the Temple’s eternal flame for one night. The Rabbis’ prayed for a miracle and the olive oil lasted eight days (enough time for more oil to be pressed and prepared). Every year Jews all over the world light candles for eight days to honour this miraculous event. Miracles help us through our trials and tribulations and give us hope for the future.

A lot of the time, we are too attached to experiencing miracles that have huge impacts on our lives. This month become aware of all the small miracles that are continually happening in your life. It’s easy to miss the wonders all around us; a breathtaking sunset, dinner with friends, laughter and sharing, good food, a hug from a loved one. A constant tide of mini miracles magically shapes our lives, enriches our experience and reminds us of how good it is to be ALIVE…

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