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Scorpio Full Moon – Illuminating the Passion

Bursting into tears at the slightest thing, feeling wobbly, vulnerable, full of passion, or ready to take on the world but not sure how …Don’t panic! it’s just the Scorpio full moon energy. Here are my 7 top tips for surfing this emotional, watery and passionate full moon wave on Friday 22nd April.

Aries New Moon – Thursday 7th April

With Uranus spurring us on to be true to ourselves, this fiery Aries new moon will help us ram through any fear and hesitation, so that we can make those vital decisions and see our projects manifest, just like the leaves and flowers that are also preparing to open up and share their fragrances with the world.

Libra Full Moon Eclipse – Weds 23rd March

While, the Pisces new moon total solar eclipse reminded us that we are part of the whole and belong to a global family, this Libra full moon eclipse illuminates the potential conflict between following our dreams and intentions, and balancing our relationship with each other, and our environment.

Pisces New Moon Total Solar Eclipse – 8-9th March

Prepare yourself to navigate the coming Pisces new moon, usually the most emotional moon of the year, and this one is intensified by a total solar eclipse.

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