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Virgo New Moon – September 1st

This Virgo new moon urges us to shake off any feelings of failure, depression and hopeless and rekindle our faith by taking one practical step at a time.

Aquarius Full Moon – Thursday 18th August

While the Leo new moon was concerned with self-expression, this Aquarius full moon focuses on the collective, and our part in it. This is creating a tension, as the situation is reaching crisis point on the planet and we are now being forced to look at how our individual actions are affecting the community, as a whole. However, under this moon we can see that the two are not mutually exclusive, giving us another opportunity to see how we personally, can best serve humanity.

Leo New Moon – Tuesday 2nd August

Every now and then there is a time to feel proud of your achievements and how far you have come, and this Leo moon is a great opportunity to share your victories with others.


Many of us may well be feeling a load of pent up energy over this full Moon. If you are feeling the need to release energy – go and dance!! For those who are feeling more meditative, this is a good Moon for going out into nature and having a grounding Moon Bath.

Capricorn Full Moon – Tuesday 19th July

With all the chaos that is going on in the external world, this Capricorn Full Moon on Tuesday is a good opportunity to get our own houses in order so that we can stabilise and find strong footing, especially if the mountain has been steep and rocky recently.

Cancer New Moon – Monday 4th July

The Brexit vote result was a wake up call that things are not working and we must find a new way of doing things. Fortunately, we now have the Cancer new moon, which means a new cycle and new beginnings, and an opportunity to start again from a new vantage point. The Cancer moon brings the focus back on security and what that means to us. We are all needing to redefine our ideas of home, security, boundaries, what makes us feel safe and this new moon will help us.

Gemini New Moon – Pollinate your Passions

Summer is here and it’s time to pollinate our passions, as Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet is now moving forward and the communication channels are finally free of obstacles. This is the moon to share ideas, vision, create, manifest and generally take action to fertilise your dreams.

Sagittarius Full Moon – Aim for the Stars

After the emotional onslaught of the past few weeks the fire sign of Sagittarius ignites our courage, so we can aim for the stars and head beyond our comfort zone. Under this moon we are more willing to take risks, leap off that cliff and see if we really can fly.

Taurus New Moon – Earthing and Birthing Your Dreams

Despite five planets being in retrograde including Mercury, the planet of communication, this Taurus new moon can help us earth and birth our dreams into the reality and see the seeds we have been planting taking root and growing.

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