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Imbolc – First Days of Spring

The Celtic Cross Quarter festival that celebrates the first days of spring when we start seeing the first brave spring flowers pushing through the hard ground. From now to Spring Equinox we will see a huge increase in energy, as life/nature inspires us to start realising our potential. It is time for us to break through our shells and start flowering!

5 Powerful Planets Aligning in Our Skies

5 Powerful Planets will be aligning in our skies for the first time in a decade. They will be showing themselves to us in the pre-dawn sky. Saturn, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury will all be shining their full glory down onto this planet and hopefully shaking up the energy to wake us up.

10 Top Tips on how to stop anxiety

10 Top Tips on How to Stop Anxiety because sometimes life just does not go the way we want it!

Living Shamanically – Reawakening the Right Brain

Living Shamanically – Reawakening the Right Brain

For the last 10,000 years, and for over 400 generations, we have had climate stability. Due to an abundance of fertile soil, air, water and food, we have populated accordingly, thanks to the richness of the planet.

Illuminating the Wounds – Living Shamanically

This Libra full moon lunar eclipse is illuminating the wounds that are hidden so we can find forgiveness, let go of old baggage and move forward.

Pluto/Uranus Squares 2012-2015

Pluto/Uranus Squares 2012-2015 Pluto/Uranus Squares 2012-2015 have been assisting us to┬áchange since…

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