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This week the SHAMANIC GUIDANCE is to turn off the media, stop listening to others, and make time in silence to listen to your own intuition so that it can guide you to the right people and places.

President Trump – Nature’s Trump Card – A Shamanic Perspective.

5 reasons why I think the new American president is Nature’s Trump Card – A Shamanic Perspective.

Cancer Full Moon – Thursday 12th January

Fortunately, the first moon of 2017 is the full moon in Cancer, bringing the focus back to our issues around feeling safe and secure. How safe we feel depends on our beliefs. When we come from the perspective that ‘Home is where the heart is,’ and place our safety and security in our hearts, then, wherever we are in the world, we will always feel loved and protected, and can see all the blessings that are in our lives. We can also flow more easily with changing circumstances because when we rely on what is within us, it can never be taken away.

Taurus Extra Full Supermoon – Mon 14th November

After plunging deep into the emotional waters of the Scorpio new moon we are now heading towards another Supermoon in earthly Taurus and an opportunity to focus on practical and business matters.

Dark Night of the Soul

Over the past couple of months I have been going through what has been termed a “Dark Night of the Soul,’ when all my beliefs about how life works, and who I am, have been shattered. This process is by its very nature a scary journey, as we lose sense of who we think we are, and have to acknowledge who we really are.

Boom – The Future of Festivals

Boom is more than just a festival, it is a way of life, a philosophy that finally has the opportunity to become reality. They have a deep respect for nature and the core Boom team want to create a new world, by establishing a place for music, as well as a safe, creative environment for a diversity of artistic projects and wellness practises.

The Shamanic Path to Peace

Our world is now built on autocracy, fanaticism and terrorism, and it’s one machine that seems almost impossible to stop. So on this day I’d like to offer a new way of looking at Peace.. The Peace you feel within you.

Aquarius Full Moon – Thursday 18th August

While the Leo new moon was concerned with self-expression, this Aquarius full moon focuses on the collective, and our part in it. This is creating a tension, as the situation is reaching crisis point on the planet and we are now being forced to look at how our individual actions are affecting the community, as a whole. However, under this moon we can see that the two are not mutually exclusive, giving us another opportunity to see how we personally, can best serve humanity.

Being Limitless

I have just returned from a two day workshop on ‘Being Limitless’ facilitated by One World Academy, based in India. Using powerful breath and meditation techniques we were able to reach altered states of consciousness and experience a profound state of limitlessness.. and being one with everything.

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