Capricorn New Moon Ritual

Capricorn New Moon Ritual

New moon rituals are best done with a sense of seriousness. This is the time when intentions are set, goals revised, and commitments are made to manifest our dreams and visions. Approach this new moon ritual with a deep reverence to yourself and make the commitment that you will find the space and time to do it properly.

Find some quiet space once you have completed all your tasks for the day and you are ready to give the time to yourself. Light some incense, sit in a comfortable position with your back straight. Close your eyes and become aware of your body. Connect with your toes, legs, thighs, torso, arms, neck, face and then crown. Inhale all your stresses and release all your frustrations, just breathe them right out your body, repeat this three times. Give yourself time to relax until you reach the stillness within. Once you feel connected with your inner self:

Imagine yourself completing one realistically achievable goal for this year and something you WILL definitely manifest by the end of 2016, in regards to your:

  • Health,
  • Career,
  • Children, (if you have them/want them)
  • Partner/Spouse,
  • Friends,
  • Family
  • Work,
  • Projects,
  • Hobby,
  • Exercise.

Next write down by each one what practical action you can do now to be able to reach your goal. It may be signing up for the gym, starting a yoga class, emailing a contact that you have been procrastinating about, writing that business plan, going to the Dr for a health check up, etc

Now write whatever feelings come up with each point and be really honest with yourself. Do you feel uncomfortable, peaceful, fearful, calm, scared, insecure, positive, negative, excited, powerful, powerless when you imagine yourself doing it? – get real with how your are feeling. The more honest you are the easier it is to see where your weaknesses lie and push through the FEAR and procrastination to do it anyway.

Ignore the inner critic if it gives you reasons why you can’t achieve your aims. Any decision requires focus, commitment and belief, so trust the co-creation process to realise your dreams. In other words, intention the ‘What’ and let the ‘How’ take care of itself. What have you got to lose?

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