Many of us may well be feeling a load of pent up energy over this full Moon. If you are feeling the need to release energy – go and dance!!

For those who are feeling more meditative, this is a good Moon for going out into nature and having a grounding Moon Bath.


Find yourself a quiet, peaceful place under a tree that inspires or calls you, and stand under the Full Moon’s silvery light.

Take off your shoes and socks and sink your toes deep into the earth. Imagine your feet are sinking ever deeper into the soil, sending the energy of your feet deep into the mud, rocks, and inner layers of Mother Earth, until you reach the red pulsating crystal at the centre of the planet. Feel the energy, vibrations and colours of this golden red crystal pulsating at the heart of Mother Earth.

Experience these potent, healing energies of the womb of Mother Earth penetrating your roots and moving up through the earth into your feet and through your body until every cell is vibrating with this golden red energy. Once your whole body is vibrating red and you are connected deeply with Mother Earth, feel the energy come flowing out through the top of your head and straight up into the sky. Feel it go beyond the clouds, the atmosphere, hemisphere, stratosphere and into space before dispersing throughout the Universe.

Now reverse the experience, allowing a Golden White light to flow from Space, through the stratosphere, hemisphere and atmosphere into the top of your head. Feel this golden white energy flooding your body, cleansing all your cells with cosmic white light. Once your whole body is vibrating with this golden white light, feel the two energies of Space and Mother Earth blending together in your body, turning the energy a deep pink, and vibrating LOVE and COMPASSION. Allow this Golden pink energy to fill your entire being.

Now see yourself as a conduit between the Sky and the Earth. Experience this golden pink energy of LOVE and COMPASSION flowing from the depths of space, through you and deep into Mother Earth. Fall into the silence and trust enough to merge with the energies. In this space ask for guidance and answers to any questions where you need clarity, especially if you need to make important decisions.

This energy is incredibly healing; emotionally, mentality, physically and spiritually. It reconnects us to our stardust origins and our planet, and reminds us we are a vital part of Life.

If you do feel depressed during this period, spend five minutes every morning when you wake up, feeling grateful for everything that will happen that day, and then send out a gratitude prayer every evening when you go to bed, for everything that did happen. This sets the intention for the day and helps to let go each night, so that each new day is free from the clutter of yesterday.

Sometimes it takes a while for the perspective to shift, but stick with it even if you don’t see instantaneous changes in your life, patience always rewards…

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