Cancer New Moon – Monday 4th July

pág 560001Cancer New Moon – Monday 4th July.

Issues surrounding the home, family, personal safety and security are bought to the surface during a Cancer moon. Our intuition is extra strong, as Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon, so find some quiet time to yourself so you can listen to the ‘voice within.

Remain balanced by seeing all perspectives rather than get consumed by the views of mainstream media, other ‘expert’ opinions, or your own inner critic, that can cause havoc during this period. Instead of becoming angry at what is happening use this opportunity to look in the mirror and empower yourself to be the change, and create something new.

Mars is also now going direct, reigniting our passion and creativity and helping our projects move forward. The watery Cancer new moon is a great opportunity to start again, from a new vantage point, and maybe head towards a new destination.

Here are my 7 top tips too successfully surfing this Cancer new moon wave!

Balance the Vulnerability with the Armour
The crab has a soft underbelly and a hard outer shell, reminding us that even if we have a strong armour, we must also know how to be vulnerable and yielding. This Cancer moon, see where your armour may be creating barriers to intimacy and connection, and where your soft underbelly may be putting you in a vulnerable position and you need to protect yourself more. The key this moon is to find the balance between being open, and being defensive.

Surrender to Going Sideways
The crab reminds us that sometimes we have to go sideways to go forward! Being a creature of the water it also knows how to surrender to the tides, and uses the flow of the sea to get to where it needs to go. Take a leaf out of Crab’s book and surrender to the flow of life, especially if its not going the way you want it to. You may well find that going sideways actually takes you to your destination quicker, and its a more enjoyable route.

Put Your House in Order
This is a good moon to get your paperwork and filing in order before the school summer holidays. Make sure your invoices and bills have been paid too and you are up to date on all your paperwork, as things will start speeding up again and you will be glad you have done it!

Acknowledging Our Mistakes
A Cancer moon can be emotional so its time to be honest with yourself about what is, and what is not, working in your life. When we hang on too tightly to our desires and try to control outcomes the more emotionally difficult this moon will be.

Those that are in denial of their actions and behaviour may find this moon brings to the surface hidden anger, frustration, sadness, hurt and pain that have been buried deep within. Those that are ready to face their dark side and accept their mistakes will be able to see this as an opportunity not to make the same mistakes again.

See Through the Illusion
The media is having a field day right now, as it plays on all our FEARS of the unknown and the terrible calamities that can befall us, but life is never one sided. We are living in a duality reality so within every burden is a great blessing and vice versa. Rather than focus on all the negative possibilities, TURN OFF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA and start exploring all the wonderful things that are happening in the world right now. Surround yourself with loving, harmonious, uplifting people, spread your light and love, and be the change.

Heal any Personal Rifts
The Cancer new moon reminds us how important family and friends really are so this is a good moon to heal any personal rifts or arguments. Life is too short to spend time in hate and anger. When we have a rift with someone it can become an energy leak that can leave us feeling exhausted and depressed. Finding forgiveness and compassion is the quickest way to feeling brighter and happier… so go on, give them a hug!!

Home is where the Heart is
Be an observer of your emotions and moods, rather than get pulled deep into Cancer’s watery depths. We are all going through emotional turmoil and the more we can let go and accept the beliefs and views of others the easier it will be to avoid conflicts and arguments. Surrender and acceptance are the qualities needed to surf this emotional wave.

Influenced by the Moon this watery, feminine and intuitive new moon will help us dive deep to hear what our hearts are telling us. Ultimately, home is where the heart is, so use this Cancer new moon energy to open your heart to love.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words from Helen Keller:
“Happiness cannot come from without. It must come from within. It is not what we see and touch or that which others do for us which makes us happy; it is that which we think and feel and do, first for the other fellow and then for ourselves.”

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