Cacao Ceremony @MOTHER – 26th October 2017

Cacao Ceremony

26th October @ MOTHER Juice Works

6pm – 9pm







A Cacao Ceremony gives us time for ourselves in a hectic and stressful world. It is the perfect space to switch off the outside chaos and journey into the silence, so that we can become clearer of who we are, where we are going, and the opportunities available to us.

Whether you’re looking for help shifting an emotional blockage, needing to let go of a past experience, dissolve negative energy or you simply want to lift your spirits, these ceremonies can provide the focus you need to re-align with who you really are, and get back on track. Cacao (raw chocolate) is a powerful plant medicine that has been used ceremonially for thousands of years across Central and South America. 

So please come and join us for this special and intimate ceremony at MOTHER Juice Works if you feel the cacao calling…

The ceremony will start at 6pm.

Booking essential as spaces are limited. 


Earlybird (until 20th October): £30 per person

Thereafter Standard Tickets: £35 per person

To book tickets please CLICK HERE.


MOTHER Juice Works


E15 2GW


Please bring with you a yoga mat, cushion and blanket to keep yourself comfortable and warm throughout the ceremony. 


*** There will be music, hot drinks and plant-based goodness available after. Not included in ticket price. ***

A Bit About Rebekah…

Rebekah Shaman has studied and worked with three ‘feminine’ plant medicines over the last 17 years; Ayahuasca (a vine from the Peruvian Amazon), Cannabis and Cacao.  From 1998-2012, she apprenticed with a traditional Peruvian Ayahuasquero shaman, in the Amazon. From 2005-2011,she was founder and director of Hemp Global Solutions Ltd, growing hemp research crops in the UK and educating on the importance of this crop for medicine, nutrition, fuel and shelter, and since 2013 facilitates ancient sacred cacao ceremonies. Rebekah has a BA (Hons) in Study of Religions, and MSc in Development Economics, both from SOAS University, and a Post-graduate Psychology Diploma in the Human Givens Approach. She is also the author of the self-published book ‘The Shaman’s Last Apprentice’.

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