Cacao Ceremonies

IMG_0018A cacao ceremony gives us sacred time and space for ourselves in a hectic and stressful world. It is the perfect space to switch off from the outside chaos and journey into the silence within, so that we can become clearer on who we are, where we are going, and the opportunities available to us. Whether you’re looking for help shifting an emotional blockage, letting go of the past, finding your way, or you simply need to lift your spirits, these ceremonies can provide the focus you need to re-align and get back on track.

Cacao can be used to

  • Clear emotional blocks
  • Let go of past relationships
  • Understand ourselves better
  • Connect with your creativity
  • Enhance focus and provide mental agility in the workplace
  • Enhance therapeutic work, coaching and team building with individuals and groups
  • Enable a deeper practice in yoga and meditation

Monthly Cacao Ceremonies in London, for more information go here

We use the finest, ceremonial grade cacao in our ceremonies, from the Ashaninka Tribes of Peru and a shaman in Guatemala, that is both fair trade and sustainable.IMG_0593

Left  is my circle of empowered Goddesses following a women’s womb healing ceremony in London. More and more people are feeling the call and receive results on a deep level.


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