Boom – The Future of Festivals

Boom – the Future of Festivals

We believe the human mind and it’s creativity is the central nucleus around which a new world can be formed. We think, therefore we become. This creative freedom is an essential component in initialising this process. That’s why we want to create a new world, establishing a free cultural space on Boom..where the human mind can expand into it’s full potential. A place for music, study and training, as well as a safe, creative environment for a diversity of artistic projects and wellness practises.

I first heard of Boom in 2008 when a friend went, and came back transformed. It was if she had found a hidden part of herself, that was buried under all the conditioning, behaviours and expectations we grow up with. They had woken up.

boom2016-fb-thumb-1-300x300I was also really impressed to see that this festival was not only expanding consciousness, it had a real ethos around sustainability and creating a new world, by being the change. I was inspired but I am not into psychedelic trance music, and I usually avoid big, intense festivals so I never got the big pull to go and experience it.

However, this year 2016, the theme was Shamanism and I knew that this was my year to go and live the Boom Experience so I applied to do a Cacao Ceremony and talk and was accepted…I was finally going to Boom.

From the moment we finally made it onto the Boomland, all the challenges of getting there evaporated (we drove 1500km from London …).  Dotted around the large lake were: the Dance Temple, Chillout Gardens, Alchemy Circle, Sacred Fire, Liminal Village, Being Fields, Nataraj, Funky Beach, and The Museum of Visionary art, and each area held its own magic.

The lake was shimmering gold, red and yellow as the sun slowly set behind it, casting a deep pink glow across the land. The warm evening breeze fluttered the colourful flags around theboombein lake and there was a sense of excitement in the air… we had made it and it was time to surrender to the flow of the festival.

And it did not disappoint…Boom is a place that naturally inspires a real global shift in consciousness.

This year, Wisdom-keepers from all over the world had come to share their knowledge and wisdom, and there were many ceremonies, rituals and talks honouring our sacred shamanic heritage, which was very powerful to witness, especially as many people are not aware of the different shamanic cultures and the wisdom they hold.

BoomCacao1I had the privilege to facilitate a Cacao Ceremony for 250 people on the Saturday morning. It was a truly wonderful experience to get so many people loved up on Cacao and see so many break throughs and shifts happening. Cacao is the perfect medicine for  a festival such as Boom as it naturally fosters community and connection. I was also part of a panel on Contemporary Shamanism and it was inspiring to see how many people interacted with us and shared their experiences too.

However, some of my greatest Boom moments was getting loved up deep in the pit of the Dance Temple, dancing to some of the best Psy Trance Dj’s on the planet and connecting through the music.

But beyond the festival and freedom of expression, there is a greater vision for Boomland, one of conservation, sustainability, and a space that honours both the land and the human.


This is where Boom really is the future for festivals.

The bio-construction projects minimises the use of products that produce energy, so most of Boom is built from scratch, with designers challenged by the equation: 1 natural building = 1 piece of art. 

There is no portaloo in sight, everything is composted, and the grey water passes through a series of garden beds where it is allowed to evaporate, while the roots of aquatic plants undertake the first cleaning of the water, removing minerals and storing them in their leaves. Dotted around the site are edible gardens for people to pick their own salads and vegetables.

Most enjoyably there is no Corporatism anywhere to be seen – from Organic Ubuntu cola to selling all sorts of organic, fresh and wholesome products in their grocery shop, Boom is committed to the health and wellbeing of the body, mind and spirit.

Boom is more than just a festival, it is a way of life, a philosophy, that finally has the opportunity to become reality. They have a deep respect for nature and the core Boom team want to create a new world, by establishing a place for music, as well as a safe, creative environment for a diversity of artistic projects and wellness practises.

Central to their vision is regeneration and restoration of the land and its biodiversity, to create a natural reserve, and develop their deeply held belief that society needs to live in harmony with both itself and its surroundings.

Yes, its roots are deeply steeped in the Psy Trance culture, and yes, the durff, durff, durff of the beat goes all night and day, but beyond that, it’s a magical journey and a powerful vision.

For a sustainable future we must come together as a global community to create an inspiring world, and Boom is offering a blueprint by being a source of inspiration and education for everyone, and the living proof that Oneness is possible for us all.

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