Being Limitless

20160717_144941_001BEING LIMITLESS

“The real self is dangerous: dangerous for the established church, dangerous for the state, dangerous for the crowd, dangerous for the tradition, because once a man knows his real self, he becomes an individual” Osho Rajneesh

I have just returned from a two day workshop on ‘Being Limitless’ facilitated by One World Academy, based in India. Using powerful breath and meditation techniques we were able to reach altered states of consciousness and experience a profound state of limitlessness.. and being one with everything.

It was time to finally let go of the biggest FEAR.

The FEAR of being me. And give myself full permission to shine bright and beautiful.

During the retreat I realised I was so afraid of who I truly was, I had forgotten HOW to love myself without shame. Hidden deep in the very depths of my psyche I had been ashamed of myself, and that shame has stopped me from knowing how to fully love myself.

Shame and confusion had become such a part of me that I was paralysed by the fear of ridicule, humiliation, and of being burned at the ‘perverbial’ stake. I had to stop the blame and see it was I who was doing the ridiculing, the humiliating, and shaming myself.

As I entered the state of ‘Being Limitless’ I became one with everything, and I was show how insignificant my ‘fears’ are in the face of the huge Universe that stretches out beyond our horizon. It put the situation on this Planet back into perspective, and enabled me to see the divine perfection in creation, the perfection in being who I am, that there is no separation.

The simple truth was Being Limitless was really just Being Me!

And once I started experiencing this ‘Limitlessness,’ I could see myself so much more clearly, and the path I have been walking these last eighteen years, since finding my way into the Amazon jungle. It was as if I had reached the end of a long dark tunnel, and this was the push I needed to finally come out into the light, able to see who I have become, without fear.

As Carl G Jung so eloquently put “The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.

I have experienced this ‘Limitlessness’ many times before, but this was my first time using this particular breathing technique. Inspired by the last few months, the mind-expanding Aspen landscape, and the people on my retreat, as I became one with everything the last echo’s of fear and shame dissolved, so that I can fully and freely be me.

In that moment I felt a huge overwhelming wave of pure love for myself and the journey I have been on, and for the first time, I felt a deep sense of tenderness, pride and peace with who I am, and yes, the tears flowed with relief.

While I was travelling amongst the stars Being Limitless I heard a whisper – “Your Planet needs YOU! It’s time for those that can to stand in their power, without fear, and remember ‘Being Limitless,’ and in so doing be the change and the Love we so desperately need in the world.”

And I knew, it is time shine bright and beautiful…..

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