Aries Full Supermoon – Sunday 16th Oct

unnamed-3Aries Full Supermoon – Sunday 16th Oct

This Aries full supermoon is here to get the energy moving again. This wonderful full moon has come at a time when change is in the air. Despite the apparent chaos in the external world, the assertive energy of Aries is perfectly placed to fire up our passions and focus us on the tasks ahead.

Hopefully, we will see some real and exciting movement over the next two weeks, as our projects and creative endeavours get a new boost of energy to help us propel our visions forward. This is a powerful moon that can get us back on track if we have been having a challenging time!!


Here are my 7 top tips to successfully surfing this Aries full supermoon wave!

Ram through the Fear

This Aries full moon will renew our passion, fire and fervour, and gives us that last push of fiery energy, before we head into winter, and the hibernation. Over this moon we can make clearer decisions and do things decisively, especially if we have been procrastinating for a while. Symbolised by the Ram, an animal that holds a lot of power in ancient times, it’s time to ram through any FEAR that has been holding us back.

Be Spontaneous
Be impulsive, spontaneous, bold and courageous over this moon. The more you are prepared to face the unknown with a courageous heart, fully trusting that everything is happening perfectly, the more effortlessly you will see your intentions manifesting. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. This is the time to say what is on your mind and use the ‘me’ focused energy of Aries to give you the courage to initiate change in both your working and personal lives.

Bite-sized Pieces
The ‘masculine’ influence of Mars in Aries can make us feel impatient and frustrated at what is happening, especially if you are unable to change the situation/person. Don’t get too stressed by what you cannot control. Instead, focus on what action you can take in order to complete the next step in whatever process it is you are manifesting. Keep the bigger picture in mind while achieving each simple task so that you don’t get too overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done.

Stop fighting
The Aries Moon also brings with it a deeply righteous and caring quality that can activate an indignant attitude and we feel more resentful of injustices and wrong doings. Because of this, tempers rise quicker, we feel angrier about things and this can spark aggressive behaviour. There is no point in wasting energy fighting others, instead, focus all your precious energy and consciousness into building a future that is more aligned to what you want to manifest.

Leave failure behind
The Aries Full Moon helps us to accept the decisions we have made, regardless of the consequences, and leave any failure or disappointment in the past. No matter what has happened this is the time to move forward with renewed trust and faith in your abilities and capabilities. Our adventurous spirits are sparked over this period and we may find ourselves in situations that take us way beyond our comfort zones and open new doors of opportunity.

Step into your power
Let the Aries full supermoon inspire you to step more into your power and let go of the people and situations that have been holding you back or limiting your growth. Aries also gives us the courage to stand up to authority in the face of adversity, especially if we are being bullied or subjugated. When we recognise our power we can find forgiveness and compassion and realise that we no longer need to be under the control of others.

Positive thoughts
Use the more innocent, passionate and honest energy of Aries, to lead with tact and charm throughout this full moon wave. Our thoughts are very powerful so focus on the positive things and all the blessings that are happening, rather than the burdens. When we send out good, happy, positive energy, we see that energy being reflected back to us and things can change in an instant, especially over this Supermoon.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words from the Dalai Lama:
“There are many different kinds of power. True power comes from serving and helping others. Such behavior makes people respect you. They are willing to listen to your views and advice, and they support you. The energy of many people is thus channelled through one person. This kind of power is positive and authentic.”


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