Aries full moon – Forgiveness Ritual


Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness but because YOU deserve peace.

Over this Aries eclipse, there have been more misunderstandings and ignited tempers then I can remember and I seem to be saying sorry and finding forgiveness a lot this week. Sometimes it’s not easy finding or asking for forgiveness.  Often it can be downright excruciating, especially if you are the one feeling wronged.

However, Forgiveness and Gratitude are two powerful energies that can heal so much pain, and this moon seems to be forcing us to dig deep and find the freedom in the forgiveness.

I have decided to share this ritual for those who are finding it stressful and difficult to forgive, and want to find the healing, forgiveness and compassion towards those who have hurt them, to forgive themselves, to let go of the past and create a more positive future.

We are choosing who we are at every moment, with every decision and choice we make.  The clearer and more aligned our intention is with our purpose, the easier it is to discern our stuff from other peoples.  If there are inner beliefs stopping you from being in your power, you will be creating them in your life, and falling into the blame game trap, thinking its happening to you.

It’s all about perspective.  When we shift from a victim mentality to living shamanically we recognise that we are consciously or unconsciously choosing all our experiences, and the people we are having the experiences with.  When we take personal responsibility for our actions we are consciously choosing and therefore, find it much easier to find forgiveness and gratitude.  When we can forgive ourselves and others for past actions and recognise how much we have grown from the experience, we can move forward a lot quicker.

It is best if you can do this ritual with the person you are wanting to heal with.  However, if this is not possible then use your heart and feel the person with you, this will open a healing soul connection.  The key to this ritual is to say what you truly FEEL rather than what you think you should…in other words be really truthful and honest with yourself.

Forgiveness Ritual

Make some quiet time in your busy day and give yourself both space to relax.  Light a candle and place it between you and the other person, either real or imaginary. Slow down with some breathing and meditation together, until you reach the stillness within.

In this peaceful, calm space ask the other person for forgiveness and tell them what you are willing to release that no longer serves the relationship.  It can be tangible, such as a behavioural pattern, or conditioning from parents, society or religion, or intangible, such as fear, lack of belief, or over-expectation. Use this opportunity to be as truthful as possible.  It takes a leap in trust to allow yourself to be vulnerable but the more you open up and commit to healing the relationship, the easier it is for the other person to do the same. Don’t allow the ritual to get caught up in the martyr and blame.  This is about healing the wound within, so that you can be whole and happy. This is about committing to inner change.

Once you have both had the opportunity to speak, (if you are imagining the other person use your intuition – at its peak this moon – to feel their feelings and imagine what they would say to you). Once again voice what you are willing to change for the better. Speak slowly and carefully, feeling the sensations as the energy of these words moves around your body. How do you feel? Become aware of any fear, doubt or negativity that arises. Go into your heart energy and repeat the words firmly with increasing conviction and purpose until you both feel complete with the commitment to change.

Hug your partner and then if you feel you want to cement the promises write them down, as we do with oaths and sign them, thus taking them out of the ethereal and grounding them firmly in this dimension.

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