Aquarius New Moon – Saturday 28th January


Artwork Blue Womb by Sequin Kay

The Aquarius new moon is represented by the Female Water Bearer that pours nurturing, creative waters onto our dreams and visions to help fertilise them, so we can manifest them into reality during the year, and create a better world for ourselves and humanity. It helps us to let go of outmoded ways of thinking and conditioning, and believe the unbelievable. In order to manifest change externally, we must first initiate change in our own lives.

Aquarius moon also reiterates the importance of speaking our truth. Now, more than anytime in history, we see the consequences of instant karma, and every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you are hiding something, deceiving someone, or lying about something, you will be found out. It highlights the value and importance of our friendships and social networks and how our behaviour, if it is not for the highest good of all, creates disharmony in all parts of our lives.

Here are my top 7 tips to successfully surf this Aquarius new moon wave

Embracing the Rebel
George Orwell said, “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” This Aquarius moon deepens and strengthens the rebel within, so we feel invincible and ready for action. For those who have been awakening and seeing beyond the illusion over the last few years, living with a lack of integrity is no longer an option. The Aquarian moon can bring deeper clarity, connection, devotion, passion and a deep desire to serve others and the planet, igniting and inspiring the rebel to shine bright and live your truth!

Make a Commitment
The Leo/Aquarius moon cycle balances the positive energies of togetherness and teamwork, with the need for personal recognition. It illuminates the importance of working for the greater good, and places healthy compromise and true connection above destructive desires, ego-mania and control games. This new moon asks us to clarify and commit to our personal role in creating a better world for ourselves and humanity by respecting, honouring and loving, ourselves, the earth, and all living things.

Fertilise your Dreams
The Aquarius moon is symbolized by the female water bearer pouring life-giving water, and nourishing our dreams and visions so they can be manifested in the physical world. Just as we see the first brave flowers and plants of spring breaking through the hard ground, we are also germinating our projects and creative endeavours that we have been rooting over the long winter months and years. Trust your intuition over this moon cycle so that you are guided to the right places and people to help you fertilise your dreams into reality. (see my latest blog for more info)

Stay in your Truth
Under this Moon, it’s important to walk your talk and remain in your truth. The more authentic and real you are, the easier it will be to make decisions and know what step to take next. This new moon helps us to see the bigger picture, by offering us a more rational and intellectual perspective, so we are not afraid of upsetting or hurting others, and compromising ourselves.

Connect to the Collective
Aquarius energy stimulates the need for collective cooperation, so that we can start working together with more harmony, collaboration and support. Feelings of alienation and isolation may arise if we are in an environment that fosters greed, self-interest, and exploitation. As we become more aware of our part in the web of life, recognise how our actions affect others and the planet, and how everything is interconnected, the need to be with like minded people becomes much stronger. If this is happening, become pro-active and find your tribe that is more aligned with your values and beliefs.

Moments of Genius
Don’t reject the random, wild thoughts that come to mind. This is how our intuition communicates with us and helps us access our deepest desires. The creative juices are flowing, and you may find that you come up with inventions, ideas or ‘Eureka’ moments during this period. All thoughts of genius are born in a moment of clarity and often silence. Be open and alert to ideas that appear to come from some deep, hidden place within you, even if they appear to threaten your status quo. Magic can happen now, all you need to do is trust yourself.

Think Outside the Box
An Aquarius new moon also ushers in social change and reform, by asking us to think outside the box. Ruled by Uranus and Saturn it illuminates and exacerbates the cracks in our present systems. We can no longer wait for governments to stop dithering, afraid of taking bold and crucial decisions on issues such as climate change, or wait for chairmen and CEO’s of big businesses to finally take responsibility for their actions. Business is made up of individuals like you and I, and that’s where the change will happen. Let this Aquarius new moon inspire you to see life from a new perspective of harmony, peace and cooperation. and fuel you to take personal responsibility for your actions, so that the change can start now, with each one of us.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words of Vimala Thakar-
“There is much unexplored potential in each human being. We are not just flesh and bone or an amalgamation of conditionings. If this were so, our future on this planet would not be very bright.
But there is infinitely more to life, and each passionate being who dares to explore beyond the fragmentary and superficial into the mystery of totality helps all humanity perceive what it is to be fully human. Revolution, total revolution, implies experimenting with the impossible. And when an individual takes a step in the direction of the new, the impossible, the whole human race travels through that individual.” 

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