Aquarius Full Moon – Thursday 18th August

aquarius full moonAquarius Full Moon – Thursday 18th August

While the Leo new moon was concerned with self-expression, this Aquarius full moon focuses on the collective, and our part in it. This is creating a tension, as the situation is reaching crisis point on the planet and we are now being forced to look at how our individual actions are affecting the community, as a whole. However, under this moon we can see that the two are not mutually exclusive, giving us another opportunity to see how we personally, can best serve humanity.

Here are my 7 top tips too successfully surf this Aquarius Full Moon wave!

Release the Rebel
Aquarius full moon wakes us up to how even our smallest actions affect the whole, including politically (with our vote), economically (with our buying decisions), ecologically (with our lifestyle decisions), abundantly (with our giving decisions), and emotionally (with our attitude towards ourself and others). This moon can help bring the focus back to our personal destiny and the unique part we are all playing in the unfolding of our global story. It helps us release the rebel so that we can actively become part of the solution, rather than remain part of the dis-eased system.

Taking Personal Responsibility
This Aquarius moon represents the shift from our individual focus to a more collective consciousness. reminding us that we are all in this together. It helps us see beyond the ego-driven, selfish, three dimensional perspective, to a more encompassing viewpoint so that we move to a more empowered state of personal responsibility. Under this moon we feel more connected to our wider community, humanity as a whole and sometimes this can extend to the universe, other dimensions and beyond.

Realign with your Purpose
This Aquarius moon is also helping us to realign with our purpose and passion. Symbolised by the female water-bearing Goddess, who pours life-giving, nourishing water onto the land. This is a metaphor to help us feel our own personal connection with nature. It reminds us that we too must share our gifts and talents with the world, to feel more contented and happy.

Remove the Veil of Illusion
Ruled by both Uranus, the planet of ‘awakening’ and Saturn, the planet of ‘restrictions and limitations,’ the full moon in Aquarius rips away the veil of illusion by taking us out of the ‘conventional’ mind-set to see outside the box. However, this particular moon has the potential to trigger off unrest, as people become angry at the injustices and pain they are feeling. We could see a lot more discontent under this moon, as people find the inner strength to express their feelings. Sometimes, we need to go through the anger and rage before we can find the resources within ourselves to break out of our mental prison.

Find Redemption
This Aquarius moon can also help us find redemption, as we surrender to our individual and collective situation and instead of getting angry and violent, we find a more peaceful solution. Now more than ever we need to recognise the importance of redemption and love. Change is in the air and this moon is urging us to recognise these essential qualities.

Aquarius energy also makes us face our weaknesses. Are we too concerned with ourselves over the needs of others? Are we remaining obedient and silent when we face great injustices? Are we remaining complacent, rather than expressing our true feelings? Are we living our real desires or surviving the status quo because we are too scared to go outside our comfort zones? This is an opportunity to face and overcome your fears and make those changes you are being prompted by your intuition to make.

Open to the Love
This is a ‘breakthrough’ moon, as it is focused on bringing about inner change, especially for those who have been treading water over the last few months and have been unsure of the next steps. You may find the fog is lifting and you can see things from an alternative perspective, enabling you to have a new vision of who you are and what you need to do in the world.

I will end this Lunascope with the wise words from Albert Camu:
“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

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