Amazon Plant Medicine Retreat

10 day Intimate and Life-changing Amazon Plant Medicine Retreat

with Ayahuasca and Chiric Sanango

Amazon, Iquitos, Peru

17-29th November 2017

Join us on a life-changing, transformational journey to the Amazon where we will dive deep within to face all the fears and blocks which hold you back, release toxins so you can increase your health and vitality, heal wounds and trauma, and remind you who you truly are.

On this retreat we are also offering 2 places to those that have worked with Ayahuasca to go deeper into their Plant Medicine journey, and do a traditional ten day isolation Dieta with Chiric Sanango, including two Ayahuasca ceremonies. 

This retreat is for serious seekers who are ready to heal and release the conditionings and habit patterns of the mind that are stopping you from being truly in your power. We dive deep into the Plant Medicine, to gain the most from her wisdom and healing.

Isolated in the Amazon, at the Chakra Alegria D’Amor you are able to go into your own cocoon to undergo a process of deep healing and transformation. The lodge we are staying at is in the home of Ayahuasca, supported by the ancient magic and wisdom of Nature, and built with a deep love and respect for all sacred jungle medicines of the area, and providing an optimal environment for going deep within to cleanse accumulated mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual and psychological toxins. 

The space is heavily protected, constantly cleansed and emanates love, gratitude and respect for the medicine. All the medicine in grown on the land and is freshly prepared.

Having apprenticed in the Amazon with an indigenous shaman 19 years ago, I am experienced at holding these retreats and I know how to work with the medicine so you get the maximum benefit of indigenous wisdom and experience, alongside my own traditional training so you can experience both authentic Amazonian shamanism, with a Western understanding of the process.

Chakra Alegria D’Amor is a beautiful but unpretentious lodge built on permaculture principles with an outstanding eye for detail and fine craftsmanship. The tambos are comfortable and fully mosquito netted each with its own medicinal bathing area.

Your comfort is of the highest importance to myself and the Rainforest healing Centre. All the water goes through a safe and tested filtration system. Three freshly prepared meals are provided according to the Plant Medicine dieta. There is a library, compost toilets and comfortable communal areas with hammocks that allow you to relax and enjoy the jungle vista.

Outside of the ceremonies there is lots of time for integration and journalling, an important part of the experience. We walk the land with the Shaman to learn about the medicinal plants, swim in the small lake, observe the flora and fauna, which reveals itself more and more to you as you progress through the ceremonies, and drop into the silence that allows the messages and medicine of the jungle to penetrate you deeply.

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Watch the documentary ‘The Shaman’s Last Apprentice to get a taste of the Amazon and learn more about my journey 

The details are:

Dates: 17th November – 29th November 2017

For Ayahuasca 

*Price: £2250 Early bird before August 20th

*After August 20th £2500 

*PRICES based on two people sharing a Tambo deep in the jungle

The Chiric Sanango root I dieted with last year : 

For Chiric Sanango Dieta

* £2750 Earlybird before August 20th

* £3000 After August 20th

*PRICE based on one person in a Tambo deep in the jungle


  • All ceremonies, accommodation and food during retreat.
  • All the information and preparation you need beforehand.
  • Welcome and Farewell Dinner : 2nd/13th Nov 
  • Transport to Lodge.
  • Only eight participants makes this a unique intimate experience giving you one-to-one care and attention throughout the retreat.
  • My 19 years of experience and wisdom working with Plant Medicines.
  • Full processing before and after every Ayahuasca ceremony.
  • One to one time with me whenever you need it.
  • Every person who comes are vetted by me so the groups are always magically connected in a powerful and deep way.
  • A deep immersion into traditional Ayahuasca Shamanism
  • Staying deep in the pristine, untouched and ancient Jungle
  • My understanding and connection with Chiric Sanango. I have worked closely with Chiric Sanango for 2 years and the Plant Medicine gave me permission to work with him so more people can experience this powerful, life-changing medicine

Not Included:

  • International and Domestic flights to Lima and Iquitos,
  • Accommodation in Iquitos
  • Tipping the Shaman and lodge workers.
  • Travel Insurance
  • Optional Kambo (only available on the Ayahuasca retreat)

If this feels right for you please email me back as soon as possible and I will send you a booking form to fill out.

We will evaluate your form with the lodge and let you know if you have a place. You will then have to pay the £500 deposit to ensure it.

Please do contact me if you have any further questions. 

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