5 Powerful Planets Aligning in Our Skies

5 Powerful Planets will be aligning in our skies for the first time in a decade.

We have five planets showing themselves to us in the pre-dawn sky. Saturn, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury will all be shining their full glory down onto this Planet and hopefully shaking up the energy to wake us up.

Its a heady mix of planetary energy with Saturn, the planet of Limitation and Obstacles, Mars, the Protector, Jupiter, the planet of Expansion and transformation, Venus, the planet of Love, and Mercury, the planet of Communication.

From 20th January to 20th February we are going to see these planets every morning both in the Northern and Southern hemisphere. So what does it mean…?

Well my interpretation of this cosmic alignment is that these planets are here to help us recognize our destructive reality, and the crisis on Planet Earth. We are now experiencing the consequences of our limited belief systems and distorted understanding of how life really works, and these cosmic alignments are here to help us navigate through this time… and wake up.

We need to break out of the Fear and Separation (Saturn), the defending of man-made territories, and religious beliefs that have created war and destruction (Mars), and let the transformational and loving energy of Jupiter and Venus help us see a new vision.

Jupiter and Venus enable us to see beyond the illusion to realize that the only way out of our global mess is to find the Love for each other, all living things, and our Planet, which is the only e(nergy)-motion powerful enough to transform the hate, fear and greed that is dominating our collective consciousness.

It is going to take each one of us to wake up and experience our own inner transformation in order to see a collective transformation. According to the morphic resonance theory it will only take 5% of humanity to shift their consciousness, for the collective to change…

Let Mercury communicate, and this coming Leo Full Moon, illuminate your passion, joy and love, and and be one of the lights shining bright dispelling the darkness….

“As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.” Marianne Williamson

Photo: “Planetary Conjunction over Paranal” by G.Hüdepohl  – A conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in the morning of 1 May 2011, when, about an hour before sunrise, five of our Solar System’s eight planets and the Moon could be seen from Cerro Paranal, Chile (thank you for this beautiful photo!)

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